Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Day!

What a fun weather week we are having here in Utah! Yesterday for the first time in WEEKS we had some blue sky.

It was still freezing cold outside, but I still had to go out for a while and enjoy the sun and wide open sky. It was amazing to me how much BIGGER the sky looks when it is not gray and hazy. It was fantastic! So if you happened to see that crazy mommy, who was outside pushing her kids (all bundled up) in the stroller, that was me.

Our blue sky only lasted for one whole day. We woke up this morning to SNOW!

Piles and piles of snow. The kind where you just keep shoveling your driveway, and it just keeps coming down!

I think I shoveled at least 8 inches of snow off our driveway! That was three rounds of shoveling, and boy is my back tired. You should see how high my snowbanks are. Almost as tall as a soon-to-be five year old boy!

We would have liked to go sledding, but we spent way too much time shoveling today. Maybe we will go and enjoy the piles of snow tomorrow... provided we don't get buried overnight!

Eli and I did manage to have a little fun in the midst of our shovel fest. We marveled at how tiny and delicate snowflakes are...

and we may have tried to catch a few on our tongues.

What a day! Hopefully the storm will clear up the skies and push the inversion on out of here so we can have some blue-sky sledding days.

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  1. Such fun pictures of the snow! The snowflakes are incredibly intricate in your picture!


  2. FUN! I am still dying for a snow day here in Boston!!

  3. Oh your snowflake shot is spectacular! What a beautiful blue in the sky! My fav color of all time.

  4. I love that snowflake shot! Sledding is so much more fun with bright blue skies!

  5. I love childrens photos like these... truly captures the simple joys in childhood! And I agree, that snowflake shot is definitely something!! So intricately detailed!

  6. Your snow day pictures are STUNNING!!!!! It does LOOK COLD!

  7. That is a lot of snow. We have hardly had any this year.

  8. Hi! How are you? I feel like it's been forever since I've stopped by!

    LOVE the shot of the snowflakes - that one on the left is so intricate. Amazing!
    I've never seen snow like that in my life - so much of it - WOW!

  9. I am so glad that inversion is gone. I was seriously starting to get depressed. Confirming that I could never live in the Northwest LOL. I prefer snow storms and cold to that icky air!

  10. HURRAY for snow & capturing the snowflakes. I was so thrilled when I was actually able to do that. They are miraculous!!! I hear you on the shoveling though. I gave the plow guy a dirty look as he went past & have me a huge pile. He must have felt guilty because he came back down & asked if he could move it out of the way for me. I was thrilled- saved me hours on that berm.

  11. What a wonderful day!! I can't get over the detailed picture of the snowflakes - what an amazing capture!!