Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {1•13•13}


This week it has been extremely cold and hazy. Our daytime high temperatures are below freezing, which means we really don't want to spend much time outside. I did run and grab my camera when I saw the way the sunset was coloring the haze. The past day or so we finally got a snowstorm to clear up the haze. Most of Utah got completely buried, but somehow we hardly got any snow. That didn't prevent us from going sledding again!


This is the first year that we have ever gone sledding in the winter, and the boys LOVE it. They have learned that falling off the sled onto your backside is just part of the fun!

Little Things

 Here are my three little things. They may be little, but they are the biggest part of my life. It makes me happy to think that some of their best childhood memories will be of the little things that we all did together... like sledding! I have so many fun pictures from our sledding adventure today! I will have to share them soon.

A Cup of... chocolate! After we went sledding this morning the boys wanted to have some hot chocolate. Luckily I managed to find some in the cupboard because it was perfect for this prompt.


We went for a drive down by Utah Lake, and although the lake is mostly frozen there were some ponds at the edge of the lake that were steaming because they were warmer than the cold, cold air. I love the way the colors of the sunset were reflected in the water of the pond.


  1. Beautiful photos.. The sunset looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! Love all the snow fun!

  3. Oh my! the colors in these shots are magnificent! Fabulous set, and snow fun to boot!

  4. Wow, your "reflect" photo is stunning!! Great shots of your cute kids too! :)

  5. AMAZING photos. Love your scenic shots and of course, all the fun sledding ones!

  6. Wonderful set. Your kiddos are just darling. The Cup of Cocoa is perfect after a day of sledding.
    Such beautiful Outside and Reflect shots.

  7. These are just terrific and I concur, coco is perfect after a day out in the cold (snow, or no snow). Your reflect shot is stunning.

  8. Great outside & reflect shots.

  9. Your cup of photo could not possibly be cuter! And I love the way it is composed. Super job this week!