Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finding the Beauty in Winter

January is probably my least favorite month of the year. Our temperatures reach their lowest point of the year and it is so dark and hazy all the time. Right now I can't remember the last day that our daytime high temperature was above freezing.

Needless to say, January gives me the blues and leaves me longing for Spring. This week after my little family got over our annual January bought of sickness, I decided to go in search for the beauty of winter.

Our extremely cold temperatures and inversion have caused there to be fog several times this week. One morning I noticed that the fog covered the trees with the most beautiful ice crystals. So I dashed outside and started taking pictures.

The ice crystals were so delicate and beautiful! They were breathtaking.

As the sun started to burn away the fog, I knew that my moment of beauty would not last long. So I kept snapping away.

I even managed to get close enough with my compact macro lens to get some individual ice cystals! So beautiful! Look closely, can you see the it?

I have to admit that on the two days that I took pictures of the frosted trees, I took over 200 pictures. I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites because I loved them all so much!

I guess I learned my lesson. Winter can be beautiful. You just have to be observant and look for the quiet beauty of the season. You can't stay home in your cozy den, you have to get out there and find it.

I do highly recommend wearing a pair of gloves, especially when your temperatures are below freezing! Brrr!

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  1. I am so jealous! I love your photos, they are so detailed and beautiful!

  2. So beautiful I love the effects the crystals make .. visiting from Wordless Wednesday....

  3. Glorious shots! I love the detail - wow!

  4. wow! these shots are incredible!! such beauty in those ice crystals!! it is hard to get out there, but you really can find some beauty if you venture out. me - i'm not one that likes to leave the warmth of our home either!! :)

  5. I agree--Winter CAN be beautiful. Your pictures prove that!! I am still waiting for pretty snow or frost to take pictures of.

  6. I love the pictures! I hope it warms up soon.

  7. These are stunning photographs! I can't pick a favorite either. So much quiet beauty, thank you for sharing those moments!

  8. Wow, with a lens that good you could actually test the theory that no two snowflakes are alike!

  9. Fantastic detail shots - I especially like the last one.

  10. These are stunning! Isn't amazing that we can find beauty every day... I too love the frost on the barbed wire.

  11. Hoar frost is so pretty and elusive where I live - it is so pretty to photograph and you did a great job.