Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Naptime is the Best Time

I have a confession to make. I have a four year old boy who still occasionally takes naps in the afternoons. I am SO lucky, huh?!

When Eli gets really tired all he has to do is lay down for a few minutes and he is out cold! He is such a heavy sleeper that I can sit right in front of him, happily snapping away with my camera and he won't even flinch! Need to change the ISO or adjust my settings? No problem!

Consequently I have the best pictures of my little Eli asleep! I can hardly ever get any of his brother and sister because they would wake up with the first click of my shutter... but not Eli.

Of course, being a heavy sleeper also has its disadvantages. Eli has a hard time making it through the night dry because he sleeps so deeply. He just doesn't wake up to go to the bathroom! So I have been trying to wake him up to take him potty before I go to sleep (which means he has been asleep for a few hours). Every time I wake him up I have to try hard not to laugh since he is so obviously not awake.

Well, last night the laughs were on me! I got Eli up and carried him to the bathroom. I helped him get his pajama bottoms and pull-up down, sat him on the potty and told him to go pee. He was so asleep that he didn't quite have it all together (or pointed down, I should say!), so he went pee and sprayed me from neck to knees!!

Needless to say we had a little cleanup and clothing change before I made it to bed last night. And of course my sweet boy doesn't remember it at all in the morning! Oh the joys of motherhood!

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  1. Oh too sweet!! Sorry that happened, but it will be one to laugh about for years to come!

  2. Those are precious!! My 3 year old son still naps. I consider myself very very lucky - his older sister quit napping at 2! YIKES lol ;)

  3. You are so lucky in the nap dept. My 3.5 year old hasn't really ever napped, and hasn't napped at all since before turning 2. I am lucky in the fact that he goes down early for bedtime though!

  4. Aw what a sweetie. And that story is just too funny. I guess maybe you should start wearing rain gear. ;-)

  5. You are definitely lucky! These photos are so sweet :-)

  6. Ha! So, funny, yet, not funny at all!! I'm so sorry! Yes, the adventures of motherhood, now if only we enjoyed them!

  7. Too sweet! My four year old and my two and half year old have a quiet time in their room every day but they hardly ever actually sleep. Mostly they play quietly in their room and lay down and take it easy for a while.


  8. Adorable. And, man do I miss nap time!