Friday, August 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8.26.12}


This week was Jonah's first day of first grade. So I took the obligatory picture with a sign showing the grade and year. Isn't he a cutie? I a photo of my three kiddos feet before we left for school. I don't know why, but I love this picture!

Rule of Thirds

I spotted this flower while walking my first grader to school this week. I don't even know what it is, just that it grows on a tree and I thought it was pretty.

Side Profile

Lately this little hummingbird has been hanging around our back porch. He often lands on my clothesline and sits for a while. I caught this side profile of him through my kitchen window.


I bought these itty bitty beads as a gift for my boys to play with while Mommy and Daddy are in San Francisco for our anniversary trip. They are called perler beads. You put them on a pegboard and then use an iron to melt them together. My boys LOVE them already.


Today my husband and I arrived in San Francisco. We decided to visit the Golden Gate bridge, and while there I caught a lot of sailboats in motion. I haven't really looked at all my pictures, I just randomly picked this one to use for this prompt. See the wake the sailboat is making? You can tell it's in motion, right?

I took tons of pictures at the Golden Gate bridge, and this evening we walked through Chinatown. I can already tell this trip is going to be awesome! This is my first time in San Francisco and I'll be here all week! So tell me, what else do you think I should make sure to see while I'm here?


  1. Oh, we have those beads, too, and my girl could spend a couple of hours playing with them. :)

    I love your your Rule of Third image... so pretty!

  2. Your photos are always so beautiful. And the first day of school shot is adorable!

  3. 1st day of school . . . so exciting! Great shot of your Jonah-boy. Such an interesting flower in your rule of thirds.

  4. Nice shots! I love the first shot. Your motion is pretty cool I like it!

  5. These are so lovely! Love motion and can't wait to see more of your San Fran pics, I have always wanted to go there!

  6. I was fortunate enough to BE in one of those sailboats when I was in San Fran 4 years ago! Have fun on your trip!
    Your little one's feet shot is adorable, I can see why you love it.

  7. I believe your Rule of Thirds is a Mimosa those flowers (until it rains!). I love that photo of your kids's feet too!

  8. I do love that feet photo...but what I LOVE about it is seeing your little girl's necklace hanging down in it. Something about that just makes me smile. And that flower is DEF a mimosa. We had a huge mimosa tree in our backyard growing up.

  9. That feet shot is so great! Love it. And I also have those flowers. Someone told me what they were called once, but I forgot! I like them too!

  10. Great shots, lovely "Scool" feet and a different beautiful flower
    Have a nice week :)

  11. These are wonderful! I love the "school" feet. Very cute!

  12. It's always fun to get those 1st day of school shots. Yours are very cute and sweet.
    Love your Rule of Thirds shot - Such an interesting and pretty flower.
    Also think your Motion shot is wonderful.
    Enjoy your trip.

  13. take a day trip to the JellyBelly factory ... ;) we almost made it to San Fran this summer... too tired on our trip home from San Diego (driving from Wa)... so we went to the jellybelly factory instead... kinda fun... but I wouldn't go there before I hit the beaches!! ha ha! Oh... my hubby would say go see Google headquarters... ha ha! =) seriously... wonderful pics as always.. but my fav was the humming bird! wow! fun fun! and yes... first grade pic... adorable!