Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pirate Ship Pool (Lindon Aquatic Center)

I can't believe that school starts next week! I know some of you are already finished with summer, which is crazy to me because it is still August! Didn't school used to start in September?

Anyway, we are going to squeeze every last bit of fun out of summer while we still can! As a matter of fact, we have plans to go to our favorite family swimming pool twice in the next week! You see, this summer we discovered the pirate ship pool.

Doesn't it look like a blast? My boys just love it! They have several smaller slides as well as a big one (that yellow thing in the picture above). There is a nice shallow area for my baby girl to play in and some fun fountains too.

My little girl has actually started to go down some of the smaller water slides by herself! What a little daredevil! One thing she doesn't particularly enjoy (but my boys sure do!) is the water bucket.

Up on a mast is a bucket that dumps out water whenever it fills up. Ker-splash!

It's great! We even discovered that you can go early in the day, get your hand stamped, and come back later for free. Why not?!

I forgot to mention our favorite part of the pool- the lazy river! It is the longest lazy river that I have ever seen. It is so much fun to float and let the current push you along. The best part is that the pool allows all kinds of floatation devices, which makes it even more fun for my kiddos.

So now you know why we are going back twice more before school starts! So much fun.

Are you still hanging onto summer or is it already a memory?

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  1. It looked like you has so much fun!

  2. What a great place! I can't wait for summer!

  3. I love water parks! But haven't been in years. What a fun place!