Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Right now it seems like my life is crazy-busy! I can't believe summer is almost over! I have had company for the past two weeks, school starts next week, and I am preparing for a 10 year anniversary trip to San Francisco with my hubby. I am so excited! So we may be busy, but it is all good.

With all the fun we have been having, I am a bit behind on my blogging! So I will have to share some of the highlights of the past few weeks. One of the things that my kids enjoyed most while we had Auntie Em visiting was going to the North American Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.

Or you can just call it the dinosaur museum. We do!

My boys love to go to see the fossils and exhibits at the dinosaur museum! This time when we went, we got to see a paleontologist working on a fossil, which was pretty cool. Most of the time when we go to the dinosaur museum the workroom is empty.

The boys had a fun time looking at the exhibits. I have found that as they get older, they slowly start to take more interest in the other exhibits (you know, the ones that aren't dinosaur fossils?).

We used to rush right past many of the exhibits because the boys were not interested in checking them out. Now I actually get to look at some of the other exhibits and even read about some of the displays!

We also had fun at with the interactive exhibits, like these enormous magnetic fossil puzzles.

There is so much to see and do at the dinosaur museum. I was really happy when we got free tickets from our local library summer reading program! Normally we try to go during $2 Tuesdays in August because we can actually afford to go them, but it is SO crowded. Instead we went on a day when there was almost no one there.

Our favorite part of the dinosaur museum is the erosion table. The boys love to play in the water and sand! They like to make islands and play with the plastic dinosaurs and trees.

Their other favorite part is the excavation area. The boys love to uncover the dinosaur bones with the shovels and paintbrushes. This time my baby girl even got to have fun in the sand.

Poor girl was stuck in the stroller most of the outing. She is great at walking, but not so great at staying with Mommy.

If you are ever in north Utah County and want something to do, the dinosaur museum is great for kids and adults. They have some of the coolest fossils I have ever seen. We easily spend two hours at the dinosaur museum, and love every minute of it!

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  1. We pass this all the time when we are in Utah. I've always wondered about it. It looks really fabulous! Guess we should stop in. :)

  2. What a fun trip! There was an erosion table at the science museum I grew up near - I loved it!

  3. I always wish to go for a funny trip like this..