Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer at the Splash Pad

This summer my kids and I discovered splash pads. Some of the cities near us don't have public pools, instead they have splash pads that are free to the public and they are SO much fun! We love them.

Earlier this week we discovered our new favorite splash pad.

The last splash pad we went to was basically just fountains coming out of the ground, but this splash pad was much more interactive. It had some really fun water toys! The one is the picture above has three buckets that fill up and dump the water out- and the kids can spin it around! How awesome does this place look?!

Besides the water buckets, there were water cannons, a "water umbrella", a "car wash", and several fountains. It was awesome!

I was not sure if Miss Aubrey would like this splash pad, but she had a blast playing in the smaller fountains and just walking around getting splashed.

The best part for the mommies was that there were picnic tables with shade AND a regular playground nearby. So I could watch the kids from the shade and if they got tired of playing in the water, they could go play on the play equipment. It was awesome!

We had so much fun, I think we will be going back tomorrow!

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  1. I am just discovering something similar in my city. My son loves water and is always begging to just turn on the hose. Now I have his suit in the car and a list of places for us to explore. Can't wait! Of course, we may never get to leave either ;-)

  2. wow it looks like a lot of fun! but being a very background person (sorry about that adjective), i would prefer a livelier background to bring out the fun in the park. :D

    ps. i am in this week's fabulous friday too. this is the link to my friday post if you are wondering :) :

  3. How abut the view of the mountain, gorgeous! Here in Boston most city parks have a fountain area to keep kids cool, but nothing this elaborate!!

  4. my daughter would just love it!!! your pictures are great. looks like you had such a wonderful time!!!

  5. Nothing better on a hot day than a fun splash pad or pool! These days my kids are opting more for the latter, but we have plenty of fun summer memories at splash pads in IA.

    P.S. I pinned one of your balloon pics. I had such a hard time choosing. ;)

  6. I work for the company that manufactured the features for this Splashpad (Vortex). We are proud to have been part of this project and this Splashpad looks fantastic!

    If you would like a Splashpad for your community, we can help you!, please visit and contact us.

    Vortex is the world leader in Aquatic Play Solutions with over 5,000 installations worldwide!

  7. I am inviting you to come and share this in my Show Your Stuff blog hop:

  8. So fun!!! I've heard we have "spraygrounds" nearby us but I haven't tried them out...I'm assuming that's the same thing as a spray pad. I'll have to be sure to check ours out now. Great pics! Thanks for sharing at Happily Mother After. :)