Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bowl Full of Cherries

dear cherry tree,
thank you for finally giving us cherries!
(after all, we have taken care of you for 7 years now)

dear bowl full of cherries,
(actually, make that 15-20 bowls full of cherries)
thanks for convincing me that I really do like cherries after all
and for giving me a reason to buy a cherry pitter.
thanks for the yummy cherry crumble and
the cherry cobbler that I am making this weekend.

 dear random rainbow cloud,
thanks for making me take time out of a busy day to stop
and appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature.

dear sand box,
thank you, thank you, thank you.
you have saved my sanity on more than one occasion.
(and thank you dear children for playing nicely together!)

dear park (the one with the cute ducklings!),
thanks for being so close to Daddy's office 
so we can have a picnic lunch with him every week.
(we promise we will bring extra bread)

dear cute girl,
thanks for smiling for Daddy so I could get a cute picture of you.
(nevermind the fact you won't even LOOK at me when I have the camera)
it's nice to see you smile even though 
you are growing two molars which makes you cranky!

dear adventurous boys,
thank you for being so understanding
when our outing to the lake totally bombed.
who knew that the water was so sludgy, stinky, and gross
that even you two would not want to stay for long?

dear Sonic,
thanks for the ice cream cones and tall icy beverage, 
which more than made up for a failed outing.

dear splash pad,
thank you for brightening my day
and making up for the fact
that even though we went to the library this morning,
there was no library story time today 
because we missed the opening party earlier this week.

dear Jonah (the best older brother ever),
thank you for looking on the bright side of things
it helps me immensely.
thanks for the extra hugs too!

dear sugar-girl,
I love that you are so obsessed with shoes
that you refused to take them off today.
you are fun and silly and make me laugh.

dear danger boy,
I love you, so would you please slow down a little?
then maybe I would not have to put FOUR
band-aids on you in one evening.

dear splash pad,
thanks for being cool, and fun and FREE. 
we will be seeing you again soon!

dear blog,
thanks for helping me realize 
that though there were times this week that were frustrating,
it was a pretty darn good week after all.

Maybe my life really is like a bowl full of cherries.

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  1. Such a sweet post! Send some cherries here, I love them!

  2. You've inspired me to do a post like this! Thank you for sharing your harvest!!

  3. What a great post! I love your sweet kids, even though they can be pain they're also the best.

  4. I can not believe how big your little girl has gotten! Looks like summer is busy but fun!

  5. How sweet!!! I love the baby duckies! And that splash pad is AWESOME!! And I just wanna pinch those fat baby legs on your girl <3 Oh my!! ADORABLE!

  6. I was going to gush over the adorableness of the baby ducks, but really they just can't compare to the cuteness of your kids. :) And those cherries look yummy!

  7. Bei uns in Deutschland ist gerade auch die Zeit der Kirschen...
    Du hast einen sehr schönen Blog;)So frisch und hell...
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Awesome shots! I love all of them, particularly the last one. (It also made me hungry LOL)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week!