Thursday, July 28, 2011

Horses and Airplanes and Sparklers (oh my!)

Even though I currently live in the suburbs, I grew up on a farm in Wyoming. It was a dairy farm, so I am familiar with cows, horses, sprinkler pipe, and various farm equipment.

My boys on the other hand don't get to experience life on a farm. So when we went to Wyoming last weekend we tried to remedy that a little bit. We went to my sister's ranch, and she was kind enough to let us ride one of their horses.

Both the boys were really excited to get to ride a horse. We gave them each a turn with Honey Daddy and they rode around the pasture.

Then we lead them both around on the horse by themselves and then together. Don't they look cute up there on Ruby? She was a really nice horse!

The boys also got to go on an airplane ride in the morning with Grandpa. I just love the way my little boys look with those headsets on!

They just love getting to go up in the plane and fly!

Little Audrey did not go for a ride in the airplane (even though she went twice in vitro) because we didn't think she would enjoy it very much. But she did pose for a picture with the pilot (grandpa!).

And if all that wasn't enough, they also got to play around with sparklers that night!

We had so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house that we ended up staying one more night! I love that my boys get to experience some of the fun things that I did growing up in Wyoming.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! What a great experience.

  2. looks like they had a great time, and what a wonderful experience for both of them

  3. It's nice that you can share that part of your life with them. What kid doesn't want to go horseback riding? (or adult). How cool would it be be have a grampa with a plane!

  4. Aw, how fun! What a great experience for your babies!

  5. What a great time. Our girls keep asking us to ride a horse. If only we had somebody that had horses in our family!

  6. WHAT FUN! Looks like a very full but ENJOYABLE week.