Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fred the Snowman

I love Spring snowstorms in Utah! They are awesome because the boys get to play in the snow for a while and then it all melts away (wahoo!). A few days ago we woke up to find our grass and driveway covered with several inches of snow. The boys were so excited!

First they got to help Honey Daddy shovel the driveway.

What a great shoveling crew we have! Good thing too because at this point I am not much help.

Then the boys got to do something they have been waiting weeks to do! They got to build a snowman. Luckily Honey Daddy stayed home that morning so he could help the boys with their snowman. They each got to roll a snowball, which was so fun to watch. What a pair of cuties!

Then Daddy helped the boys put the snowman together, and I helped them put the face on our snowman. Isn't he cute?

The boys named our snowman Fred and instantly fell in love with him.

Imagine their dismay when Fred was over half melted just six hours later! Jonah actually got a bit teary-eyed and Eli told me that he was sad that Fred was melting and that "we will never see Fred again" with a sad little look on his face. I told him that we could see Fred whenever we wanted to because I took tons of pictures of him this morning. Way to go Mommy!

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  1. that snowman is too cute. I love your son's expression in the last picture

  2. Awwwwww...Poor Fred. :-( You need to write that down and make a children's book out of that tale. "Farewell Fred, Until the Next Snow Storm Comes".

    I love your boys' hats. The color contrast against the pure white snow is beautiful. Great shot, Honey Mommy!

  3. Fred is one good looking snowman! And your boys are adorable! :)

    WW: Waiting for Spring

  4. Looks like a very fun day in the snow. Your kid's hats are cute and your snowman turned out adorable. We didn't make any snowmen this year, but we did make a really cool igloo.

  5. Phew good thing you took pictures! And Fred is one cute snowman. Love that last picture