Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Under the Blankets and Under the Weather

I was going to do a post filled with hearts and Valentine's Day happenings, but we have had an eventful weekend at the Honey House and I didn't end up taking very many Valentine-sy pictures.

Friday morning I ended up at the doctor's office with little Eli and his 102 degree temperature. He had a cold and runny nose all week, but Thursday I noticed he seemed to be getting a bit too warm and lethargic.

So I spent a half our on the phone waiting to talk to a nurse so I could be sure I should bring him in. After all, you don't want to go to the doctor just to have them tell you that it's a virus and there's nothing they can do! But they told me that the fever likely meant an infection, so we went to the doctor's office... and waited some more.

Then we got the diagnosis: pneumonia. That about scared the pants off me. Luckily he was doing well and not having trouble breathing at all. So they sent us on our way with a prescription. Then we got to go to the pharmacy and wait some more. FINALLY we got the antibiotics he needed and he is doing much better now... and catching up on some much needed sleep.

After putting him down for a nap this afternoon, I found Eli fast asleep on the floor, covered with blankets. He was so cute that I had to get my camera and take his picture.

We are glad you are feeling better, buddy! Mommy definitely doesn't want you (or your brother) to be sick when your little sister shows up in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Hope next week is better. Sending healthy vibes in your direction.

  2. awww poor little guy. hope he feels better and soon. pneumonia is not fun (been there done that with Blake in Nov.)

  3. So glad he's feeling better! Pneumonia is definitely scary!

  4. Only a couple of more weeks until baby? WOW!

    Glad you're little guy is feeling better...

  5. So glad he's doing better! Nothing like under the covers sleeping! My goddaughter had pneumonia last week too. So scary!