Monday, January 31, 2011

Decorating for Baby

We have been doing quite a bit of home remodeling lately. First we decided that if we were going to move the boys into the same room before the baby comes, then we should paint the wall I wanted blue before putting the bunk beds together.

Of course my husband never does anything half way! Not only did he paint the wall blue, he also decided to paint the ceiling and make the corner by the boys' closet rounded instead of square. I think their room turned out fantastic!

Then we decided that we should probably paint the baby's room before she is born as well. So I picked out a pretty green for an accent wall. Then my husband painted the ceiling and all the walls... not to mention the door frames and everything!

This picture was taken in the evening so it is hard to see the actual color of green, but it is going to look great with the baby's bedding! Isn't my husband a hard worker? He has done a great job with the kids' rooms.

Now I just need to decorate! I was thinking the baby's room and the boys' room need some fun modern rugs. Maybe something like this for the boys room?

Or something like this for the baby's room?

The possibilities are endless! I also already have some things planned for the walls of the kids rooms. Hopefully they come together nicely. I will have to post pictures later! Decorating for our little girl is turning out to be so much fun!


  1. how fun. I bet the boys are loving their new space

  2. how fun! Some day I hope to paint my kids' room(s). I like those rugs - good plug too ;)

  3. Hi Honey Mommy,

    Congrats on the expected arrival. That is my favorite combination - 2 boys and a little girl!

    Why not come over to my site and add pictures of the kids room and nursery for others to admire and garner extra compliments for the hard working hubby!

    You can find me at decoratingideas4kidsrooms dot com.