Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picnics in the Park:
Daily Photo: Week 37

Day 253
September 10: Friday afternoon the boys and I went and had a picnic at a local park. It's probably more accurate to say that I had a picnic lunch and the boys had bites on the run!  It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely time.

Day 254
September 11: If you don't have boys, you really have no idea how dirty little humans can get in the space of a few hours!

Day 255
September 12: Eli the tool man. Helping Mommy get ready for preschool the next day.

Day 256
September 13: We drove up the canyon to see if we could see any signs of fall. Sure enough! The leaves are starting to look gorgeous up there already!

Day 257
September 14: Honey Daddy "accidentally" cut a few roses off our rosebushes while he was trimming them. So I got to put them in a vase in the house.

Day 258
September 15: Nothing says Fall to me like CANDY CORN! I don't know why (maybe because it's pure sugar), but I love this stuff! Not in large quantities, but a little bit once in a while. When we saw candy corn in the bulk candy at the grocery store, Honey Daddy was kind enough to buy me some.

Day 259
September 16: We ended our week with a picnic in the same park. This time we met up with friends and ran around the park picking up pine cones and blowing dandelion seeds. What fun!


  1. That really sounds like a great week. I must admit I am not a candy corn fan but your picture made it look yummy. And I love that rose shot, it is not the typical angle or rose shot, it is cool

  2. looks like a fun and busy week. I love that rose picture. And you are so right... little guys can get veryyyy dirty in a very short period of time, even when there is no dirt around (o:

  3. Boys, they see dirt and they must wear it.

  4. I love the dirty little hands and feet! and your rose..... beautiful!

  5. Wow the trees are beautiful! I wish they were like that here already!

  6. What gorgeous pictures! That fall shot is amazing! It makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket, a cup of hot tea, and a good book. :)

    I have three boys. Yep. They're dirty. ;)