Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 31

Day 211
July 30: Today we let some of our painted lady butterflies go. The butterfly kit we got was wonderful! All five caterpillars made their chrysalises and emerged as gorgeous butterflies. We have watched and fed them for a week now and decided to let them fly free. We actually only letting three of them go because two of them were definitely "busy" at the time.

Day 212
July 31: We have had the most awesome clouds this week! I have found myself looking at the sky on several occasions and saying, "Oh, wow!". On our way home from doing errands, Honey Daddy stopped in a parking lot so I could take this picture of the setting sun sending rays through the clouds.

Day 213
August 1: To say thank you to all those that helped out with our roof we decided to make little gift bags of lifesavers with a note saying "You are a lifesaver!". While I was putting the thank yous together, Jonah was helping me out by stacking up the lifesavers.

Day 214
August 2: Today we started our second session of swimming lessons. This time around I have some friends to hang out with poolside. Isn't it nice of my friend to bring her cute baby so I have something to take pictures of besides the kids in the pool?

Day 215
August 3: Speaking of kids in the pool, here is Jonah and his friends kicking their feet at the side of the pool. Doesn't that look like fun? Jonah's class consists entirely of himself and his two friends. He is loving it and doing incredibly well.

Day 216

August 4: We had the most incredible thunder and lightening storms this afternoon.  At one point the downpour was so incredible that I could see the water drops splashing on my driveway. So I lay down on my stomach in the carport and managed to get this cool picture. You can even see some little balls of hail in the water. The crashy thunder and the flashy lightening continued most of the evening and into the night. It was quite the storm!

Day 217: I didn't get a chance to upload my picture for today before I left for work. So now you'll have to wait for it!

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  1. OH! This post is filled with beauty! Can't even pick a fav. I love clouds. Love rain drops and sweet faced babies. Very enjoyable!

  2. You week was amazing. The butterflies...isn't it so much fun. I love those kits.

    the life savor stack is so cute.

    but the rain and hail shot...that is MONEY!

    well done.

  3. those are some vicious raindrops!!!

  4. Really great shots, Honey Mommy. I love how creative you got to grab a shot of the rain.

  5. Love the swimming lesson photos!! My kids love swimming lessons too!!

  6. Looks like you had a fun filled week! Beautiful shots.

  7. I keep coming back to the face of that baby. His eyes are captivating. Great pictures!!

  8. the clouds have been awesome this week. love the butterfly shot :)

  9. Oh wow, what pretty pictures! Can't decide which one I like more,they're all so perfect. Love the shot of rain drops!

  10. Wow! A butterfly in the hand is worth a zillion in the bushes. :)

  11. Those are seriously good pictures. Great job. I love the swim lessons and the rain.

    The lifesavers are sooo cute! I'm going to remember (and steal) that idea.

  12. Have to agree the raindrop pic is pretty amazing. Glad to be away from the rain in Bangkok and back home in relatively drier Singapore for 2 weeks. The weather has been holding up well for the past few days, so we could be out and about, lots of shopping and visiting...

  13. Perfect pic of the rain! I love thunder and lighting storms. Just sitting out in it and watching it happen. Static magic.