Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apes, Moon Peaches and the Tepee:
A Photo A Day: Week 33

Day 225
August 13: Spent a fun-filled day at the zoo with friends. Usually I don't take many pictures of the animals at the zoo because they generally don't turn out well. This particular visit I got this very nice shot of Acara, one of the orangutans, smiling at us.

Day 226
August 14: Isn't Eli just the cutest? I LOVE his bright blue eyes!

Day 227
August 15: Here is my late night shot for the week. Good thing the moon was out or I don't know what I would have taken a picture of!

Day 228

August 16: One of the limbs broke off our peach tree today. I guess we should have picked some of these yummy peaches a little bit sooner!

Day 229
August 17: One of our back fence neighbors put up a rather large tepee in their back yard. It was pretty noticeable because it is taller than my house! I really feel like I live in the wild west now!

Day 230
August 18: We have had some pretty exciting thunder storms roll through the past couple of days. The best part is that the rain doesn't last too long, it cools things down and makes everything smell nice and clean.

Can you believe I haven't taken a picture yet today? I guess we'll see what I end up with next week.

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  1. great photos! Your lil blondie is as blond as my son!

  2. what great shots this week! I am soooo jealous of your moon shot. How I wish my cameras could capture that.

    and OMGOSH. Those peaches are FANTASTIC. I want to eat it right through my camera.

  3. Hey, if you have any peaches to spare, I'd take a couple. I can't believe how big the tepee is. And I do love a summer thunderstorm. Thanks for the ride the other night.

  4. Great photos! The first one is too cute! I also like the moon shot, it is hard to capture those!!

  5. All of your pictures are beautiful but I think I like the one of the peaches the best.

  6. Great pics as usual! I love the orangutan and the moon.

  7. My parents were in your neck of the woods recently and captured some pictures of that crazy sky! My dad loved it.
    And I love taking pictures at the zoo. I see it as a challenge to get good pictures of the residents!

  8. Beautiful pictures. That is a great shot of the monkey, makes him look so cute.

    And the moon shot is amazing!

  9. What great pictures!! How fun about the teepee in the backyard. I love your son's blue eyes!!

  10. Great pictures! I love that first one. Rare capture.