Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Roofing Saga
A Photo A Day: Week 29

Day 197
July 16: Today our BIG dumpster arrived in preparation for our roofing project. Is it weird that I put my boys in the dumpster to take their picture? They thought it was fun, so I guess I'll stick with fun rather than strange.

Day 198
July 17: I thought the clouds looked lovely today. We could use some cloud cover for our roofing project, but NO rain!

Day 199
July 18: Today I realized that I never take pictures of Mount Timpanogos in the summer. So here is the view behind my house for this time of year.

Day 200
July 19: I drive by this enormous carved corn cob on my way to a nearby Wal*Mart. It's lovely, don't you think?

Day 201
July 20: We started working on the roof today. By the end of the day we had shoveled the shingles off half of the house! Hooray! The forecast called for sunny weather all week. So of course at 10:30 p.m. it started to pour buckets. So we were on the roof in the dark spreading out tarps and drop cloths so the water would not soak into the plywood. Fun times, let me tell you!

Day 202

July 21: After putting the boys to bed I went up to check out the progress on the roof. The back side of the roof is completely covered with underlayment so now we don't have to worry about water. There are also some new shingles up there. Hooray! So I got to relax and watch the sunset from the rooftop. So beautiful! I couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so you get both.

Day 203
July 22: New shingles are a beautiful sight to behold! This evening while I am at work a bunch of our friends will show up to help shovel the shingles off the front of our house. Then we will really get to laying the rest of the shingles! We are so happy for the help because Honey Daddy and Papa are exhausted!

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  1. Great pictures! You are doing so terrific on this project. :) And I think it's perfectly normal to stick your kids in a dumpster (granted, an empty one).

  2. I think the dumpster shot is awesome -- that's something I would do in a heartbeat, and it looks like the boys are enjoying it :)

    I love both of the sunset pictures - but my money's on the first one.

    That corn carving is awesome -- is it on someone's private property?

  3. I, for one, love the dumpster picture! And tis the season for roofing projects. Just the other day, when yet another one of our neighbors got their roof replaced, my 5-year-old turned to me and said "All this pounding is getting annoying. When will everyone stop fixing their roof?"

  4. love those night-time shots. love the dumpster shot too! i didn't realise u lived right under a mountain!

  5. BEAUTIFUL sunsets!!

    And while I've never really looked at shingles that closely - those are some nice looking shingles! I am sure it will make your house look great(er) when done!

  6. We're getting a new roof this summer, too. I'm kind of excited. It will go from red to green. (I know, what mom gets excited over a color change of the roof?) But I am excited. Even sweeter is that our insurance is paying to have it done. So I won't have to be up their handing my husband shingles! In the snow! Because we always do roof work when it snows. :)

  7. Those sky pictures are incredible!!

  8. That corncob is awesome!
    The sunset photos are fab!
    woot to a new roof!!

  9. Sorry I haven't commented in ages. Just have to say your doing a FAB job on our Photo Project. I really don't think we look at the sky enough. Especially Sunrises and Sunsets - Enchanting Photo's, and your boys are always darling.