Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Picture A Day: Week 26

I should call this the week of the boys! It seems I took quite a few pictures of my two boys together this week, but I DO spend most of my time with them!

Day 176
June 25: The boys love to ride their trikes! Eli has finally figured out how to pedal, and they love to ride around our driveway and sidewalks. They have figured out that Jonah's trike has a platform on the back so they can try to give each other rides (it's a bit harder on the grass!).

Day 177
June 26: I have a confession. I totally forgot to take a picture on day 177. For some reason I have a hard time remembering to get my camera out on Sunday. So instead you get a cute picture of my boys in the tub from later in the week.

Day 178

June 27: We spent the evening outside playing in the pool. The wind kicked up a bit and the boys decided it was a bit chilly. So we got out and sat on our porch swing in our towels... and ate Popsicles. I know, the logic of it is beyond me too.

Day 179
June 28: I think I have mentioned before that my boys are early risers. Eli is usually awake in his room before 7 a.m! This particular morning we waited and waited for Jonah to wake up. I finally let Eli go in his room to get him out of bed. He is much happier about being awakened than I am!

Day 180

June 29: I finally got around to picking the ripe strawberries in my garden. There were SO many of them. It took me almost an hour to pick them all! There will definitely be some homemade strawberry jam in the near future!

Day 181
June 30: On our way home from visiting Daddy at work the boys and I spotted a parked train with graffiti on it, so I had to stop and take some pictures. Then I noticed the pretty purple thistles in front of the train. As I went to take a picture of the thistles an enormous bumblebee put himself in my photo.  Great job, bee!

Day 182
July 1: I love tomatoes when they come fresh from the garden. So I was really excited today when I checked on our garden and found that my 'maters are starting to grow!

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  1. great pictures, lovely boys!

  2. That trike picture is sweet. I think it's my favorite this week. :)

  3. two beautiful boys.....and some fabulous fruits, and flowers. great week.

  4. what fun pictures of your adorable two. and the strawberries - holy cow you have so many

  5. Nothing wrong with taking pictures of your boys!

    I love taking pictures of thistles -- I think they're so unique (not a big fan of touching them though.

    The best shot of the week is your first picture -- What a great moment!

  6. Your boys are SO adorable! Beautiful pictures. The strawberries look delicious!

  7. great pictures. if you have too many strawberries you can ship some to me. I miss the fresh out of the garden taste of strawberries. I never think to plant down here because you have to do it in like Feb/March which I still can't fathom after 10 years

  8. Great pictures and good on you for the bee shot.

  9. Those strawberries are treat. :)
    Your boys look great.

  10. adorable boys! and those strawberries look delicious!

  11. It has been a few weeks since I saw your pictures and the boys look grown up already :-)
    Love the first pic where they're cycling. How great it would be if they're this lovey dovey all the time!
    N congratulations on the strawberries and tomatoes. I so envy you :-(

  12. I want strawberries! I love the hitching a ride photo!

  13. Look at all of those strawberries. Oh my goodness. And the boys...they are the cutest things for sure : )

  14. Great pictures! Your boys are soooo cute. I love your garden. Those strawberries look delicious.

  15. Those boys are just squeezy.

    Your thumb is obviously much greener than mine. I swear tomato plants scream in protest every year when we buy them. "Don't put us in YOUR garden!!"