Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 23 : Summertime

Day 155
June 4: Jonah and Eli got to go to the fire station for a friend's birthday party. The firemen were so fabulous in giving the boys a tour. They got to see all the fire equipment and even walk through an ambulance and fire truck. It was every little boys dream!

Day 156
June 5: Little Red Riding Hood 2010. I spent most of the day cycling in this women's only tour of Cache Valley. I finished my first century ride of the season (that's 100 miles!). Now I have done four centuries in the past year.  I had a great ride, but was a bit too occupied to take any photos. So the picture of the day was taken with my camera by Honey Daddy.

Day 157

June 6: We got home from Logan and the temperatures went through the roof! Of course we didn't have time to get our evaporative cooler set up before we left. So we spent a very warm Sunday at home. The heat even persuaded Jonah to take a nap, which hardly ever happens!

Day 158
June 7: It was a nice, sunny day. The boys and I had fun playing outside. When it's hot the boys beg me for Otter Pops, and I am happy to give in to that request. I gave the boys their pops and found them a few minutes later eating them together on the porch swing. So cute!

Day 159
June 8: While out on a bike ride I spotted this adorable lemonade stand! I just had to come back and take a picture of it. Now I totally need to come back when some cute kids are selling lemonade. It would be a bit too much to bring back my own lemonade just so my kids can pose for me, don't you think?

Day 160
June 9: Since Honey Daddy mowed the lawn last night, that mean we could set up the swimming pool! The boys were so excited! I think they almost had as much fun filling the pool as they did playing in it later in the day. Before you ask, yes I did have to change them both out of their wet clothes after filling it up!

Day 161
June 10: Check out what Eli did to himself this morning! He knows he should only color on paper, so I don't know what possessed him to do this! The funny thing is that the first thing that popped into my mind was "well, there's my picture for the day!". Thank heavens for washable markers!

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  1. That is the greatest lemonade stand ever! I hope you can get some from the cute kids that are selling :)

    Good job on your bike race!

  2. Fabulous that marker shot especially! Congrats on another century.

  3. Wooooo for 4 centuries! I am in awe.

    Love that lemonade stand. Who could pass that up?

    Evie looks like your little guy today too, only it's a normal thing for us. Why I keep buying markers I'll never know.

    Great week!

  4. love the biking shot. :)

    the lemonade stand....yeah...I would totally go back with lemonade and stuff and get pics with the kids...but I'm nuts like that.

  5. That lemonade stand is awesome! If it was painted red, it could double as Lucy's psychiatric booth :)

    Congratulations on the 100 miler -- I really (REALLY) admire you!

    As for Otter Pops...I have a love/hate relationship with them. They're cheap, but my kids leave the wrappers EVERYWHERE!

  6. That lemonade stand is awesome!

    LOVING the photo of your little sleepy guy :)

  7. congrats on your century!
    I can't wait to ride on my bike again, though I know I won't go that far...

    cute photos of the kids, love them all!

  8. Great shot of Eli, I love that look. :) Lovely pictures.

  9. my boys climbed in the pool fully dressed too while we were filling it. guess it's a right of passage? Isn't it crazy when you think... hmmm you are too quiet and then realize why?

  10. We pulled out that same pool this week! So much fun!
    And congrats on your century! What an accomplishment!!

  11. Those are some great shots!! I love that lemonade stand. And I had to take a second glance at the sleeping picture because that stuffed animal looked a whole lot like one that lives at our house. Well loved, for sure!

  12. That is the cutest lemonade stand!!

    And LOL about the markers!! Aww!

  13. LOVE the lemonaide stand shot. Also love the little fireman!

  14. Congrats on the 4 centuries. That is really impressive. You might inspire me.

    love the lemonade stand.