Friday, April 30, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 17

After looking at my pictures, I think perhaps I should call this my week of blooms or something! I guess it shows how much I love flowers in the spring.

Day 113
April 23: It was one of those days with the boys. The kind where all we seem to do is frustrate each other. So I was actually a bit relieved to go to work Friday night. Outside the library where I work they have these lovely trees with GIGANTIC blooms on them. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but I think it is gorgeous!

Day 114
April 24: One of the best parts about being married is having a spouse who recognizes when you are having a hard day (or week). When I got home from work last night there were some lovely roses waiting for me. Thanks Love!

Day 115
April 25: Finally got the quilt top done that I have been making for Jonah. Isn't it cute? He is so excited to have this turtle quilt for his bed... now if only I didn't still have to quilt it and bind it!

Day 116
April 26: Oh how I love sunny days where the boys play in the sand! They have fun and I can get stuff done.

Day 117

April 27: I finally remembered to take a picture of the moon when it was full. I was so excited about how this one turned out! Then again, maybe I just like mooning you all!

Day 118
April 28: It was a rainy, cold, yucky day. I had a hard time finding anything worth photographing. Maybe it was just the mood I was in. But my cherry tree is in bloom... and I think it is lovely!

Day 119
April 29: We had a lot of fast moving clouds today, along with rainy-snowy-wet-sunny-cloudy weather. This week it has been a bit strange for April... and a little cold! I am hoping for more of that blue sky very soon!

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  1. I love the turtle quilt! And the moon pic is great.

  2. looks like spring is in bloom. great pictures

  3. The moon is lovely and I think the flowers in that first picture are magnolias - a personal favorite!

  4. Oh I love the moon photo! What settings did you use? Everytime I take photos of the moon I get a small glare around it.

  5. That quilt is so cute!!
    And yes this time of year it is impossible to not take a lot of flower pictures, so pretty.

  6. Wow! A week of pics all in one post, I may have to try that.
    Yeah for your flowers from your love, I can't remember the last time that happened :)

  7. gorgeous photos. love the moon one. WOW.

  8. That turtle quilt is adorable.

    And, wow. Your moon shot is stunning.

  9. The quilt is AMAZING. And I love your moon picture too :)

  10. that's what I thought--It seemed everything popped :) Love the quilt top.

  11. Gorgeous photos, Mommy! And thanks for mooning us! lol

  12. All beautiful photos as usual.... But I really like those huge blooms!

  13. These are beautiful photos! I keep reminding my students what a "big deal" spring is to people who have winter. (We're in Florida!)

    Love the moon, too.

  14. Your flower shots are just gorgeous!!

  15. Where to begin?!? Love them all! But really jealous of your moon shot. I will give it a try too...

  16. Another great moon shot! You are the reason I've started shooting the moon.

    The blossoms and blooms are the payoff this time of year for the terrible allergies (if we could just get it to stop snowing...)

    Some days I have to force myself to shoot something other than the sky -- it's always so pretty.

  17. Your photos are amazing. The cherry blossoms made me wistful for the area where I grew up, which had a whole cherry orchard.

  18. Great moon shot and all around great week of pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Wonderful sequence of shots! :)