Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Photo A Day: Week 10

Day 64
March 5: We woke up to about 6 inches of very wet snow and it was still snowing! So we did what Jonah has been wanting to do all winter. We made a HUGE snowman. I completely underestimated how heavy the middle ball was and almost could not get it up on the first one by myself!

Day 65
March 6: Something about graffiti just calls for me to take a picture. Here is a tag on a "parked" train that I saw and had to come back and take a picture.

Day 66
March 7: Can you believe that all 8 inches of snow we got on Friday have completely melted? I think that made my tulip sprouts (and me!) happy.

Day 67
March 8: The snowman saga continues... every day Jonah would make me go put the eyes and nose back on the snowman. I knew this wouldn't last, since he was the only snow left in the neighborhood! Sure enough on Monday his head fell off. So Jonah made the best of it... he said, "We'll just make this ball the head!"

Day 68
March 9: Here is the cake that I made for Eli's 2nd birthday. I hope you are impressed because I sure am! It was my first attempt at fondant and the first time I made a cake shaped like a number! I LOVE the way it turned out... oh, and Eli liked it too.

Day 69
March 10: I have tons of pictures from Eli's birthday, but this one is my favorite. Oh how I love this little guy! I can't believe he is already two!

I know there should be a Day 70 photo today... but I took my best picture AFTER I had already uploaded these. So now you are going to have to wait for it!

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  1. I am always impressed with graffiti - some of it is so colorful and well done.

    And you cake is AMAZING! I'm impressed, very!

  2. That graffiti is kinda cool! And your son's grin is adorable!

  3. Happy happy birthday to your little man! Love the cake and love the snowman pictures! Fun!

  4. Great shots! Good graffiti always impresses me, too ~ dang, some of those 'artists' are talented!!!

    And GREAT job on that cake! WOW!! I am VERY impressed!! I sure wouldn't have guessed that was a fondant first for you!

  5. That is an AMAZING cake! Way to go momma!!

  6. oh my word..that cake is fabulous. You rock the party! :)

  7. You had THAT much snow?

    We can't keep it on the sidewalks long enough to bother getting the shovels out.

    Those are tulip sprout? Thanks for clearing that up -- I think I took a picture of the same thing in my yard tonight. :)

    Love that graffiti -- as long as it decorates someone else's property :)

  8. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE that #2 Cake! Definitely going to have to attempt that one!

  9. that cake is awesome! and it is such a cute picture of your little guy. looks like he had a happy birthday

  10. Wow, love the Cake... excellent work!!

  11. Girl love your cake!! I too am trying to master the art before my daughter's first birthday. Hopefully I will be able to post a pic like this..'Hopefully'!
    N wow! I wish I would have thought of growing tulips this spring, But i'm late :-(
    & Love love love Eli's pic. He's too cute.

  12. Love the pictures. That graffiti is really neat looking. Too bad it is vandalism. Also, that cake is great. I used to try to make cakes for my kids but then my bf started making cakes and now she makes them all! Stopping by from SITS!

  13. Snow in March?? I was complaining about the cool air and rainy weather in Florida today. Guess I shouldn't be complaining huh? Ah ha ha. Adorable pics!

  14. SO love that cake!!! Totally impressed. What a cute idea and it looks so so good.

    That graffiti picture is cool

  15. LOVE LOVE that Jonah made the best of his melting pal...the second snowman pic is my favorite.

    I AM impressed at your cake decorating skills...VERY. If my kids get a sheet cake with some gummy worms on it they are thrilled. :)

  16. Great photos but that is way too much snow!

  17. Such great photos! The snowman losing his head made my laugh.

    That cake is SUPERB! I am so impressed and making a mental note of that for future birthday parties. Very cool! WTG, Honey Mommy!

  18. That is an awesome looking cake. I'm always impressed wehn I see graffiti...and I always wonder why they have to waste talent defacing property.

  19. happy birthday to Eli!

    you could illustrate "once there was a snowman" this week

    i love when the greenery starts poking through

    Kaye-the road goes ever ever on

  20. Awesome photos! I love the snowman and the tulip sprouts! Spring is almost here!

  21. You totally rocked the birthday cake!! I am so impressed!!!!!

    I liked all the pictures, and I do agree about the graffiti!

  22. I am BLOWN AWAY by that cake AND the fact that you made it yourself. Seriously. Blown. Away.

    And yes your two-year old is CUTE!! Happy Birthday to him. :)

  23. Beautiful shots! Great shot of the cake and Happy Birthday to the little one.

  24. It is so amazing to see the snow and the tulips! What a week. :0}
    What a sweet shot of your 2 year old. Precious. ~

  25. LOVE the snowman saga! He was HUGE to begin with. WOW!

    Happy birthday to your sweet guy! Love his beautiful photo and the cake turned out adorable :)

  26. That cake is totally amazing!!

    I agree with you on the is hard to pass it up without taking pictures sometimes.

    Your sad little snowman is so funny!

  27. I love these pictures so much. I just LOVE seeing your week in review via your pictures. AWESOME!

  28. In truth there is something very pretty about a lot of graffitti. Unfortunately the artists are wasting there talent and risking getting arrested. It is a shame.

  29. Snowman and tulips.... must be Utah Spring weather! Got to love it!

  30. Your cake is rather awesome!
    All I could think of when I saw your melting snowman was: "Once there was a snowman snowman snowman....."