Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Boy, My Joy-
Happy Birthday Two You!

My baby is a big boy now
I can't believe you're two!
Wasn't it only moments ago
I first set eyes on you?

Such a sweet and happy boy,
 so calm and cheerful too!
You made it seem less challenging
to be a mom of two.

Your dimpled smile and big blue eyes
won me over from the start.
And as you grew so did the place
 you hold forever in my heart.

The time has flown by quickly,
now there's so much you can do!
You run and jump and dance and play-
now you're singing and talking too!

You are not afraid of anything, 
My daredevil boy!
I love the way you make each day
your own to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Eli!
May the next year bring you joy!
As you grow, I hope you know
You will always be my boy.


  1. I forgot his birthday is near my son's. Happy Birthday! He is adorable. We need to come see you.

  2. Happy birthday Eli. What a great post :)

  3. Happy Birthday! So much fun!!

  4. My gosh. That is one CUTE kid!

    Happy birthday to your little man!

  5. Happy Birthday Eli! What a sweet tribute to your little guy

  6. Oh dear, when did this happen? I love his scrunched up smile. He's a handsome little man.

  7. This was such a great birthday post. LOVED the poem

    Happy Birthday to him.

  8. Aww! that was such a cute post..
    They grow u so fast and change so quickly.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fun day with Grandma!

  10. Happy Birthday little guy! Love your poem

  11. Such sweet words and pictures. I hope he has a wonderful Birthday! Happy TWO! :)

  12. Happy birthday to your son. What a cutie he is.

  13. How darn cute is he? Happy 2nd birthday!

  14. What a sweet poem and photos to match! Happy Birthday to you little man! :-)

  15. Awe! What a sweet baby...AND a sweet big boy as well! :o)
    Hope it is a happy year!

  16. I'm getting a bit "misty" over your growing boy...because he reminds me so much of mine!

  17. It happens way too fast! Happy birthday to your little man.