Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funnies From the Book of Jonah

This morning Jonah comes up to me and says, "Knock-knock. Now Mommy, you say 'Who's at the door', ok?"

So I dutifully answered "Who's at the door?"

"Lettuce" Jonah replied.

"Lettuce who?" I responded.

"Lettuce at the door to eat!" He said and started to laugh.

"Why is there lettuce at the door?" I asked.

"Because it's a joke!" He said.

It's a good thing his best friend Allison gets his jokes because I'm afraid they are a bit lost on me. Though I do think he is pretty funny!

Last week we were driving around in our new van after picking Jonah up from a playdate with his friend Micah. I asked Jonah "So did you have fun?"

To which he replied, "Yes!"

Then I asked, "What did you two play with at Micah's house?"

"Oh, just random things." he said.

Honey Daddy and I were just laughing in the front seat, wondering where that came from! After all, this kid is three years old... not fifteen!

Kids say the funniest things, don't they?


  1. too cute.. My youngest is 10 and is sitll in the what if and why area which drives us batty sometimes lol

  2. It's even funnier when they do impressions, after the fact of course. Can't help but love the things they say. Little people are amazing.

  3. THat's really funny and super cute!

  4. They do say the funniest things. And yes their jokes usually leave something to be desired :)

  5. That is hysterical! Random things, LOL! :)

  6. Too funny. Kids do come up with some of the funniest things.