Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Week in Pictures

Day 15
It's official! I am now a minivan driving mama.

Day 16
I let Jonah play the computer way too much this particular day. I can get so much done while he is thus occupied! How scary is it that my 3 1/2 year old can turn on the computer, open Safari and get to his favorite game sites (pbs, noggin, & sesame street)?!

Day 17
Eli wanted to try on Honey Daddy's new snow boots. Too bad he couldn't really move once he had them on!

Day 18
I live within 5 miles of three different Wal*Marts. So Monday we decided to head to the northern one to do our shopping so that we would drive past the Mount Timpanogos temple.

Day 19

After two weeks of cloudy skies, no sunshine and staying inside because of the haze and poor air quality, we finally got a nice day! It rained and cleared things up a bit. You could actually see all the way across the valley and we are all breathing easier!

Day 20
Preschool at my house today. The theme was Cowboys. Isn't my cowboy a cutie?

Day 21
Yesterday Jonah was crushed that he didn't get to shovel the skiff of snow off our driveway before it melted. So after aerobics this morning we hurried out to shovel what little snow was on the driveway before it melted. I think I will use the pictures I took as proof when they are older that they actually WANTED to shovel snow when they were little.

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  1. Kids and computers go hand in hand these days, it seems that it is so natural to them. I love the picture with the boots, great photo friday

  2. That shot of the temple is gorgeous.

    And wasn't that little break in the inversion just divine???

  3. Those are so fun! Your boys are just growing so fast.

  4. Isn't it nice to be able to see across the valley (or across the street) finally?

    That shot of the temple is fantastic!

    I'm so glad you're participating in the 365 project, I look forward to seeing what catches your eye every day!

  5. Congrats on your minivan. I know I'll never look cool driving again, but I sure love mine. I love the picture of Day 19...beautiful! They are all really great.

  6. Great shots for the week. That is one impressive temple.

    The one of the boys shoveling snow is so cute. Mommy's little helpers!

  7. I love the pics...we just started letting Tommy play games - I wish our computer was in a safer place so that he could more often.

  8. You are right, you will probably need that shoveling picture as proof someday :)

    I was never going to have a mini-van.. but now that we have one.. I LOVE it!

    Great pictures

  9. That's great that your little guy is enjoying learning sites. My oldest (at 12) is already stuck on watching LEGO's on ebay. They digress so fast. Lol!

  10. I am so glad to see that the skies in UT cleared up! I was there last week and my lungs were not very happy!
    And I'm glad you posted about the free business cards.... Chris needs them!

  11. Love the photo of Eli in boots!! ha! Beautiful Photos!

  12. The snow shoveling pic will be priceless when they get older :)

    Last night my husband was talking about buying a minivan...I'm still in shock over it.

    The boots picture is very cute!

  13. Great pic's. Especially the temple. Congrats on the new wheels and cleaner air. I think my favorite has to be the Too Big Shoes. Love it when kiddo's do that.

  14. love the shoveling shot, and the cowboy.

    My first thought was . . . that's not Walmart! *wink,wink*

  15. Great pics! I especially love the clouds - so serene.

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Great photos! And congrats on the van. It is so wonderful to have room for everything.

  17. I love the boot picture. And Blake would spend ALL day on his computer if I let him. We have nick jr, pbs kids, pbs sprout and disney bookmarked at the top of the page and he just pops around all he wants

  18. I think the night temple shot is my favorite one...the cute boy pictures are great too though!

  19. Im' impressed, they look like they're actually shoveling pretty efficiently there! Just popped over from Chris' blog, great shots! I have two boys (as of 2.5 mos ago) and it's great to see brothers playing!

  20. The temple shot is beautiful!
    The kids will say that you forced them to shovel and that they have NEVER enjoyed it! :)

  21. That temple is AMAZING! I've never seen anything like it.

    Love the picture across the valley. That's gorgeous. Those mountains! ~sigh~

    And too funny about the boy and his computer. Although he's probably at a good advantage over the kids that have no idea how to use it. My daughter has computers in their kindergarten. How different things are now!

  22. What great photos! It's amazing how computer savvy kids are these days! He really is a cute little cowboy.

    I'm visiting all the PSF posts a little late. Come visit me. :-)

  23. Love the shot of the temple, and I hope you are loving your new minivan. My sister-in-law just got one and she LOVES all of the room!

  24. You will LOVE having a mini-van!! I never thought I would like it, but it's awesome! :)

  25. GREAT pictures!! My favorite was the computer. My husband the computer geek was so proud when my youngest had mouse skills at the tender age of 2!!

  26. Beautiful pics! I love the one of the valley, that's awesome! Isn't it amazing that kids that young pick the computer up so fast? Incredible!