Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Lawn Mower Men-
Summer Adventures Mulching Mower Review

A few weeks ago I hosted my first giveaway ever, which was sponsored by All Children's Furniture. I had so much fun with the giveaway and was ├╝ber-excited that they also wanted me to review a product from their website!

The hardest part was deciding which item I wanted to review because this site has EVERYTHING! They sell everything from toddler beds to toys. All Children's Furniture is basically one stop shopping anything you could need for your child. I think this year I might have to do some of my Christmas shopping online because it is so convenient! They have a great selection of products, the prices are reasonable and many items that I saw were on sale.

After much deliberation I chose the Little Tikes Summer Adventures Mulching Mower because I was pretty sure the boys would LOVE it. Once I told Jonah it was coming, he asked me about it every single day, "Mommy, did my very own lawnmower come today?"

I was actually amazed at how quickly the mower arrived. In less than one week from the time it was ordered, the mower showed up on our doorstep (good thing too--I had some excited boys waiting impatiently!). The first thing I loved was the packaging. Can you believe there were no twist ties or screws? Hallelujah!

The minute it was out of the box my boys were squealing with delight and pushing it all around the house. They loved how the little "mulch beads" popped up as they pushed the mower around. Since Honey Daddy needed to mow the lawn that night we took the mulching mower outside.

The boys loved the mower so much that they starting fighting over who got to use the it first! I had to supervise so that both my boys could get fair turns. I wasn't sure if little Eli would be able to push it, but at 18 months old he had no problem with it.

I thought it was hilarious how they had to investigate all the parts of the mower. They had to open the gas cap, turn the key, and put it in gear. I even caught them turning the mower over to check out the underside!

Jonah LOVES his mower. He followed Daddy around the yard and was excited to be "helping" mow the grass. I liked it because this way they could help Daddy without getting too close to the actual mower! You can tell from this photo just how fast Jonah was zipping around the yard with his mulching mower:

If you need a gift for Daddy's little helpers, this is a great toy idea! It has kept my boys happily playing in the yard for hours.

Thank you to All Children's Furniture for providing my boys with this item for review. They will be enjoying it for years to come!

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