Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Same Costume, Different Boy

Am I the only one whose kids have more than one Halloween costume?

Not on purpose, mind you. Eli has more than one because he can fit in Jonah's old costumes. Jonah has two costumes this year because grandma sent him a costume this year before she was aware that he has been begging to Buzz Lightyear for months.

Actually, having more than one costume is not necessarily a bad thing. They say that you only wear a Halloween costume once, but my kids have been invited to wear their costumes for all our regularly scheduled activities this week. That mean they get to dress up every day this week except for Friday!

For Halloween this year the entire Honey household is dressing up with a Toy Story theme. However I actually managed to convince Jonah to wear his other costume to our Music Makers class yesterday. Then we went and took pictures in the leaves afterward. Isn't he the cutest monkey ever?

Since Jonah wore his monkey costume, I dressed Eli up in the giraffe costume. That way they could be my little animals! Cute, huh? I actually managed to get Eli to sit still long enough for a photo.

The fun thing is that this is the same giraffe costume that Jonah wore two years ago.

So now I guess it is kind of a tradition that my kids all wear the giraffe costume... at least once.


  1. The 3 year old I nanny for wears the old costumes every. single. day.

  2. Too cute! And I love that we have so many opportunities for the kids to wear costumes. Unfortunately my son has only worn his once but we've had ample opportunity to wear it more often. Love that!

  3. OMG! I KNEW I should have gotten the giraffe costume!! They are so adorably cute!! I wanted my 2nd son to wear the 1st son's last years costume, but the 2nd one isn't walking and with a big tail, it might be a problem.

  4. This is really adorable! They are so cute. I think recycling halloween costumes is brilliant!

  5. I super love the giraffe costume!!!

    I've decided to be practical this year and get both kids capes and masks instead of elaborate costumes. Good thing, too, because Josh wants to be a superhero, so the cape works out pretty nicely. :)

  6. SO so so cute! Oh, and this is my first time here. You pic in the sidebar? Did anyone ever tell you you looked like Jennie Garth?

  7. My kids have more than one costume, too. I have no idea where they are going to where them. Its like we are going to have to change midway through trick or treating.

  8. Oh .. I'm all about lots of costumes..

    we have costumes according to needs ~

    1 . school costume
    2. halloween party costume
    3. halloween night costume

    You are perfectly acceptably normal;

    but that's coming from ME so dont' put too much stock in that.

    xoxo supah

  9. That's such a cute costume! How could you not use it again?

  10. My two share their costumes with each other for as long as they can fit into them :-)

    Wonderful photos -- just so cute!

  11. Adorable! I say if you have them then get as much use out of them as you can! My son was a giraffe for his second Hallowwen too!

  12. lol we have a monkey that they all wore, untill I had a boy, now the boys will both wear spideyman! lol

    too cute!

  13. They are so CUTE! Perfect way to 'recycle', too! ;)

    Happy WW! :)

  14. Isn't that one of the benefits to having multiple kids? The fact that we are able to reduce, recycle, and reuse?


  15. So cute. I bought Reid and cat costume like this one year and she refused to put the hood up. Well, she did it once and cried.

  16. What wonderful pictures! And, I agree, having more than one costume is not a bad thing. This year I ordered my daughter a monkey costume and the day it arrived she wanted to put it on. I almost said no (didn't want to "spoil" the new costume), but then I came to my senses and realized that the costume should be worn, enjoyed, and played in as much as possible! When else, except when you're a kid can you dress up in costume, even when it's not Halloween, and not raise an eyebrow? My heart just about melted when my little one fell asleep in her bed wearing her "Incredible Hulk" costume and a big, big smile!

    Jenn @ rookno17.blogspot.com

  17. They are adorable! I love the giraffe costume, so sweet!

    Ah, but what am I saying? They're both precious!!

  18. Love the photos!...and ur kids are adorable.