Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Bug Me I'm Taking Pictures!

Sometimes it can be surprising what is right in front of your face.

Recently I was out taking photographs of some pretty wildflowers (ok, I admit it... these are from Wyoming -again!). I had my eye glued to my viewfinder as I moved from one little clump of flowers to another. I would take a couple of pictures and then look at my screen to check out the focus and composition of my capture.

Once when I looked at the screen I thought, "What is that in the middle of those flowers?" As I zoomed up on the picture I realized they were bugs! Sure enough, when I looked past my camera to the flowers, the bugs were still there.

Sometimes the most amazing things can be found right under your nose.


  1. Great shots.

    Love the color of the purple flowers!

  2. Those are some beautiful photos!!

  3. You are right, those are amazing.

  4. haha this title cracks me up! Great pictures, so pretty!

  5. What cool pictures - those flowers (and the bugs) look beautiful!! Great capture!

  6. Love these captures! The yellow one is fabulous! A few times this summer I found the same things, bugs in my flower pics. I never caught it until I uploaded though. lol!