Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gaining Muscle to Burn Fat

Fat Ticker Friday

Well, I did it! I managed to survive my bike tour this week and I am proud to say that I cycled 67 miles! If you want to read more about my experience, click here. I have also gone on three other bike rides this week, twice dragging our trailer with two heavy boys in it!

The other good news is that I definitely worked off my birthday dinner and the ice cream we had that day. The bad news is that right now I don't think I lost a whole lot of weight this week. I weighed myself midweek and was up a little bit. Honey Daddy says that I may be building muscle as a result of all that exercise.

I guess you've got to gain muscle to burn the fat off, right? I will get on the scale and see what it says in the morning!

Weight loss: 1/2 pound*
Next week's goal: 2 pounds!

* I guess a half pound is better than nothing! Hopefully next week I will lose a little more.

Either way it goes I am feeling pretty upbeat this week. I feel like my body is getting slimmer and I am getting close to one of my weight loss goals. I just need to lose 5 pounds this month and I'll be there! Then I just need to lose 30 more after that!

I watched the Biggest Loser again this week, and I think that the yellow team made the right decision. I was impressed with how well Jerry did at home, especially with all his health problems. It will be interesting to see how they change things up in the next week now that Colleen is on her own. I don't really know which team I am rooting for right now, but I do know that it is NOT the orange team. They just rub me the wrong way for some reason!

Which team(s) do you like? How did you do this week?


  1. Your hubby is probably right. You are definately gaining muscle, even if you aren't losing weight. You are looking awesome, so don't stress so much about the weight.

  2. WOW - SUPER Fantastic!!
    That is so awesome - and more-so b/c I know how flipping hard that is to do!!!

  3. I think how you feel is much more important than how much the scale says. Keep setting goals and with your hard work and effort, you will meet them! and you will have fun along the way.

  4. That's great you're biking so much and you've found something that you love to do that you can have the whole family involved in! It means a lot for me to see my little one copying me and wanting to go running! Anyway, good luck in your weigh in. Thank you for talking me through my "Negative Nelly-ness". I am sure I'll get over this hump one day! The important thing is that we're all in this together!

  5. The orange team I can handle, it's the brown team that really made me mad this week and I no longer like them. Did you see the wife smile when the yellow team's numbers came up?! I mean I know she was relieved that her team didn't have to choose how to split up but keep that to yourself! Don't be all smiley when you got a camera in your face! ugh.
    As for the debit card...I can't even count how many times I've lost mine and had to get a new one...and my kids had nothing to do with its disappearance.

  6. 1/2 a pound is good! Every little bit adds up. & it sounds like you are doing everything right! I don't like the brown team on the Biggest Loser. They just seem to have bad attitudes about certain things. I seem to like the rest of them so far. I love that show! It really is making me want to take off this weight!

  7. Wow! That's a lot of miles. Way to go. I wish I had the motivation to exercise right now, but I don't. Keep up the great work. Hubbies probably right about the muscle.

  8. Love your blog name!!! And I agree with you on BL. I was impressed with how the dad stuck with everything as well!! Great job on the loss.

  9. wow, you are doing great w all the bike riding! 1/2 is good. i didn't lose any or gain any. now i just gotta exercise, but i have been slacking in that department big time!

    you're right about the yellow time. and wow, jerry looked awesome. i bet he's gonna look great at the finally. is the orange team heba and her husband? i don't like them. and the brown team has some attitude. did you see the wife's face when she realized they wouldn't be in the bottom? grrr i would not be sorry to see any of those two go home. nope. my favorite is the red team..the parents w the boy w autism. they just seem so down to earth.

  10. just dropped by to say w00t! one of the orange team went home, now one more plus the brown team, too, and i'll be happy. weird though, i find it hard to care about most of the contestants this season.