Monday, September 15, 2008

What have I done for me lately?

The blogosphere (with the exception of yours truly) is abuzz with talk of children going back to school. There are tons of posts with adorable children in their brand new clothes heading off to school with backpacks full of pristine school supplies.

The reason you won't find any of that here is because my oldest is just two. So although "back to school" doesn't have the same meaning for me just yet, there is no denying that summer is over and fall is here.

In the spirit of back to school, Jen at Absolutely Bananas has suggested that this Monday we write about Back To Mom. Sometimes we get so caught up with doing things for our children that we forget to think about ourselves. In other words, what are you doing just for you?

So I spent some time this weekend thinking about the things that I do for myself. Here's what I came up with:

This blog is for ME. After giving birth to my second son, I felt like I needed a creative outlet. So that's why you are all stuck with me!

When the whim strikes I can jot down whatever want to, and I have been amazed that other people actually read what I write. I can talk about what is going on in my little world and I am amazed to find that other people care. It is nice to feel that sense of community. It helps me feel less isolated and insignificant... I realize I have more in common with other mothers than I sometimes think.

I am fortunate to have the ideal working situation, and I enjoy going to work. Two evenings a week I have the opportunity to work as a reference librarian at our local university. I used to work there full-time, but now I am the only part-time librarian they employ (I only work 8-10 hours a week).

I love my boys, but sometimes I need to spend time with other adults and use my brain. This way my husband gets one-on-one time with the kids and I can stay current in my field and make use of that Master's Degree that I worked so hard to get.

I have a new hobby and it actually involves exercise! (I know! I can't believe it either!)

Honey Daddy started commuting to work by bicycle and he enjoyed it so much that he wanted to participate in bicycle tours. I had wanted to find something we could both enjoy together, so I gave it a try.

I was surprised to find that I love cycling. HD and I went on our first tour a month ago, and I actually rode 42 miles! We are doing another tour (on my birthday!) later this month and my husband and I are planning to ride about 65 miles together on our second tour.

I love the way I feel after I go out riding (especially on the new bike HD got me!). Sometimes I have to get up very early to get a ride in before my husband leaves for work, but it's worth it. I feel wonderful and I am getting in great shape in the process!

Right now my boys still take naps in the afternoon, so I use that time for myself. It is tempting to get some extra housework done but I find that I am happier if I spend that hour and a half doing something I enjoy.

My sister has children that don't nap anymore, but she still has a "quiet hour" where the kids have to lay down and watch a movie while she does her own thing. Smart woman, huh?

Often I will blog during naptime, or I will spend the time reading a good book. If the mood strikes me I will work on making cards or work on my current sewing project. I treasure the time I set aside for myself. I think it keeps me sane and makes me a better mother and wife.

So there you have it. I try to get enough sleep, take my vitamins, and do these things for myself. I think my children will thank me for it later on... and my husband supports me fully. He knows that he's happier when I am happy.

So what do you do for YOU?


  1. Good for you! Can I tell you after reading that I am very surprised at how much we have in common!

    I am actually going to school right now to get my library science degree AND I am a card maker as well!

    You GO girl on the biking good for you!!

  2. I blog, read and craft too! Nap time is a great time. I know my mom wishes at times I'd do chores at that time. But oddly enough it's pretty easy to get those done while the kids are awake and harder to read, blog or craft when their not sleeping.
    I should really now find something like biking, a health bonus in a hobby is always a good thing.

  3. You go! Biking is such a great form of exercise, and it's a nice way to spend time with hubby, too. My husband and I keep saying we are going to start again....

  4. Great post about self care!!

    Yesterday I spent sunday reading a book most of the afternoon while my husband watched football and the kids played... it was so nice even though I felt like I should be folding laundry for my large crew!!

  5. I'm glad that Honey Daddy full supports you in taking your vitamins. ha ha. Has anyone complimented you on your calfs yet?

  6. I am so proud of you for taking care of yourself! You can't dip from an empty well and that's what happens to us mom's if we don't do things for ourselves. Sometime I like to do absolutely nothing! Well I guess I veg in front of the TV.

  7. You GO GIRL!!!

    We moms must take care of our needs because if we don't NO ONE will!! LOL!

    Love your blog!

  8. The past 3 years I took up piano lessons - I never played before, but I always wanted to learn. It was fun to do and it was something I did just for me. It was humbling to hear teenagers play in the lesson before me who were just amazing pianists; I wasn't quiet there. I also started attending a knitting group one night a week to have a night for me and hang out with people who aren't my normal crowd of work and church friends.

  9. Blogging is strictly for me and I love it. Also, I read. I have often thought I missed my calling by not being a librarian. Sounds like you have a great situation right now - good for you!

  10. Good for you to have so many great outlets! I totally agree about blogging--it's been an amazing creative outlet that is fairly easy to fit into the mommyhood schedule. I'm trying to get back into exercising too.

  11. I really, really enjoyed reading about the healthy and smart things that you do for you. They show that you are smart enough to not get sucked into neglecting yourself while you mother. I'm so impressed with the things you do.....especially that the biking is something you and your hubby can do together. It sounds like you have the IDEAL working situation.....I'm so glad that you Do blog. I feel lucky to have found you!

  12. Good for you - I'm glad you're doing those things. Also, I love your little icon pictures!

  13. Great post! And I love the pictures for I Blog, Work, etc... This is a great question & one I will ponder. I read, I cook but I need to get to work on adding to that list!

  14. fabulous post, and very inspirational! Keep it up... putting yourself first helps you be a better mom!

  15. well I'm glad you took up blogging cause I enjoy your blog! =0D

    And what a co-in-key-dink!!! I also wrote about fulfilling everybody else's needs except my own and how that's got to stop. I'm looking for ideas to accomplish that, so if you have any ideas you wouldn't mind sharing then I'm all ears... lol

  16. By the way I love your graphics!