Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Oblivion

So did you realize that the Olympics in Beijing have already started? Me too... um, as of yesterday when we went out to eat at Chili's and it was on every flat screen in the place!

We got there as they were playing beach volleyball and I asked my husband "what are we watching?" He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said "the Olympics". I didn't want to look like a total idiot so I said, "Oh! That's what I thought... just checking", even though I hadn't a clue. He then proceeded to tell me that he recorded the opening ceremonies on the computer the previous evening so we can watch it later. I smiled and nodded as though that was exactly what I had hoped he was going to do.

Am I the only clueless one here? I knew that the Olympics were in Beijing this year, but somehow I never acquired the "when" of the whole thing in my busy brain. I guess I kind of live in my own little bubble. We don't watch tons of TV at our house, especially in the summer because there is NOTHING on. I keep pretty busy just keeping up with my boys and everything I need to get done!

Anyway... the Olympics are happening... RIGHT NOW! I think I am going to go watch some swimming, volleyball, and cycling. They are some of my favorites. We will probably end up catching up on some Leno too. My husband has been recording The Tonight Show (among other things) so we don't have to stay up late and watch it. I think we have about two months worth of shows that we haven't gotten to yet! At least he edits out the commercials, so it will take us less time to watch them!

So get a clue and go watch the Olympics, will ya?


  1. Lol! This is such a funny story! It could have easily happened to me, so don't feel bad! I haven't really gotten into the Olympics but I did watch some swimming!

  2. I haven't missed any Olympic coverage!! I even watched the trials for swimming, track and field, men's and women's gymnastics. Swimming and gymnastics are very big around our house because both of my kids are involved in those sports.
    The Opening Ceremony was beautiful.

  3. I love the Olympics, how about bringing the opening ceremony with you when you come so I can watch it. I missed it, saw the end when all the countries were walking in, and I heard it was wonderful. Hope you recorded some cycling too, it's already over, at least the 285km rides for the men and women, they don't show much on TV.