Friday, July 11, 2008

Weight Watchers by proxy

So I mentioned earlier that I was "in training", right?

Well I was exercising more, but not losing any weight. So now I'm on Weight Watchers by proxy. What? You haven't heard about that program, you say? Well the way it works is that my mom is on Weight Watchers and I email her a list of what I eat every day.

Writing down what I eat has been helpful in the past, but if I don't have anyone holding me accountable then it doesn't work. Somehow I can skip writing things down if I know I am the only one looking at it. So I send the list to my mom and she lets me know how I did. I find that I am snacking a lot less and eating healthier foods, which is probably what is making the difference.

So I can hear you thinking... Why don't you just join Weight Watchers yourself? Because I'm cheap (ummm... by that I mean thrifty!) and lazy, that's why. I don't feel like we've got the extra room in our budget to pay for Weight Watchers (did I mention my husband is biking to work now?). I also know enough about myself to know that I'm too lazy to log in to their website and look everything up myself. My mom already knows EVERYTHING anyway, right?

Want to know how it's going? So far I've lost about 8 pounds in the last three weeks. Now you want to email my mom too, don'tcha?

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