Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Binky Bling

Previously I posted about some binky straps that I made for my baby boy. They have been really great because it is nice not to have to worry about Eli dropping the binky out of his mouth and onto the floor. Plus in the car it is VERY convenient to just reach back and find the strap and put it in his mouth.

I loved the first strap that I made, but wasn't so fond of the second one. So yesterday I went over to my friend Melinda's house and we made a couple more. Aren't these super cute? I made the top two and the bottom one Melinda had already made. I really like them because they are definitely "boyish"... and don't scream "Help! My mommy doesn't have any girls!"

Last time we used suspender clips for the binky straps. This time Melinda had found a different kind of clip, which I like a lot better. It's a little smaller and less bulky. I think that when I have a little girl I will definitely have to do some beading with her. It is a lot of fun!

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