Monday, July 28, 2008

Domestic Diva

This weekend my inner domestic goddess must have taken over. Friday and Saturday I made and canned some grapefruit marmalade. I've never done this before, and it was actually pretty tasty.

It will be a while before I attempt this again because it was more time consuming than I anticipated. Good thing I ended up with seven half-pints, which should last a while.
Then on Sunday I made a loaf of bread. Isn't it pretty?

I also made a bread braid for dinner that was delicious! It had steak, mushrooms, onions, peppers and mozarella cheese inside. Yummy!

That's not all! I also made some hamburger and hot dog buns for my family. I have been trying to save my family money using a system called Pantry Secrets. Since we are a small family, we never seem to eat all the buns before they get moldy or dry. So now I make my own:

And finally... I made cinnamon rolls! Don't they look yummy?

Can I tell you how much I love this dough recipe? It would seem like I slaved all day to bake these things, but it really only took a little over 2 hours. You can make all sorts of things with the bread recipe and they turn out awesome!

Now if only my inner cleaning lady would break free and come clean my kitchen!


  1. Oh! My goodness that bread looks good. I'll be right over to have some!

  2. Wow that bread is so beautiful! I am really impressed. Did you learn to do that from the DVD or do you need to take a class?

  3. Jennie-

    Hey thanks! I think it is only my second loaf ever! I learned how to do it from the DVD.

    It shows you the basic dough recipe as well as how to make a variety of other dinner braids, rolls, breadsticks, etc.

  4. I edited my post since those stick figures were so popular! I did them at but I edited them in photoshop.

    Your bread looks AMAZING.