Friday, June 20, 2008

Strawberry days

A little birdie reminded me today (as I chased him away) that I needed to check our garden for strawberries. Bonanza! There were more strawberries than I think I have ever gathered at a time.

My problem is that the birds are still getting them. You can see in the picture that a couple of the berries have been pecked at. We put up pinwheels to scare the birds away, but obviously they aren't phased by them. Anyone know how else we can scare the birds away? I love my berries you know!


  1. Have you tried using old CD's or DVD's? You hang them from trees, or a clothesline or something so they are overhanging whatever you want to keep them away from. My mom swears by them for her own garden. You may have to do different lengths for different types of produce, but hey, it might work for you strawberries! Which look delicious, by the way. Good Luck!

  2. We have tried hanging old CD's from nearby trees, but I'm thinking they weren't close enough to work. I hadn't thought about using a clothesline though! That would put the shiny rotating disks right by the strawberries, which would probably work better.