Friday, February 28, 2014

Catch the Moment 365 | {February 21- February 27}

Day 53 | Feb 21
In the morning I gave my little girl a bath, and I think she is just the cutest thing! Then in the evening my son advanced to an orange belt in karate. I missed the belt test because I had to work, but luckily my husband took pictures for me!

Day 54 | Feb 22
My boys have been enjoying the comic strip "Garfield" lately. I spotted a couple of Garfield books when I was working at the library and just had to check them out. The boys have been reading them together and giggling themselves silly!

Day 55 | Feb 23
Miss Aubrey has watched her brothers enjoy the comics, so she thinks they must be interesting! Sunday before church she was trying to read the comics from the newspaper by herself!

Day 56 | Feb 24
Today was the second grade patriotic program. I couldn't attend the evening performance because I had to work, but luckily I caught the performance for the school in the morning. The second graders did an awesome job and just about brought me to tears when they sang, "Proud to be an American".

Day 57 | Feb 25
It has been unseasonably warm here lately. This is the first time I can remember the kids playing in the sand box together in February!

Day 58 | Feb 26
Tonight was Jonah's Blue and Gold scout banquet. They had an Olympics theme and got to play fun games like "speed skating". Jonah even got to hold an actual Olympic torch, which was from the summer games in Barcelona in 1992.

Day 59 | Feb 27
Tonight we took the kids to the UVU men's basketball game. It was a really close game and we had a great time. They boys got some fun souvenirs and even got to meet Willy Wolverine!

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  1. What a busy week! The scouting program sounds so fun - hopefully we'll have some warm temps here for playing outside, eventually!

  2. Such a fun week! You daughter looks so cute in the bath! #365

  3. I am definitely jealous of your weather and what a fun, busy week!

  4. Fabulous week - very patriotic and public-spirited. Glad you had some good weather even if not expected in only February.

  5. OH my goodness! She is such a sweetheart. The bath photo and comics photos are the cutest!

  6. I love the pictures. The kids are getting so big. Cool Cub Scout activity, who had the torch? Hope you had fun at the game, I heard it was a good one!

  7. I can't wait til we can play outside... never ending winter!