Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {4•14•13}


For some reason I had a hard time with this prompt, so you get two pictures. First is a photo that I took of the glowing lights of my city after dark. After that is a picture of spring buds with a sunlit glow.


I passed by this old Studebaker and couldn't resist stopping to take some pictures. They don't make them like they used to!


Hey, shadow! Have you been going on vacation without me? I planned on taking a shadow shot outside today, but we had clouds and rain! So we had to improvise inside the house.


This is my son Jonah at his soccer game today. Yep, he is smiling even though not only was it cold and cloudy, it was also first thing in the morning!


I found these beautiful little flowers not far from home. I do not even know what kind of flowers they are. Bluebells, maybe?


  1. A lovely series!
    Love the old car shot!
    Your shadow shot is absolutely wonderful! That would make a wonderful Disney ad.
    Your pretty little flowers are Grape Hyacinths.

  2. Love those spring flower photos, so pretty!

  3. Oh my - the shadow shot is amazing!!! Love the old car, too!

  4. All are great - really (really) like your city shot - but you set the bar with the shadow picture. I've wanted to do something similar for so long - this is PERFECT!

  5. Oh I do love that shadow cute. Your spring shots are so lovely...still looking for spring here!!

  6. All of these are lovely - the glow on the buds might be my favorite. And the shadow shot is fantastic!

  7. These are all beautiful. I <3 the shadow shot and I am in love with the city shot. Well done!

  8. Your shadow shot is fantastic! The purple flowers are grape hyacinth. I adore them, they spread and each year give me more than the year before!

  9. Love the night glow shot and your creative shadow shot!

  10. Wonderful set. Shadow was so fun and creative.
    Spring is pretty, I love Grape Hyacinths.
    Your Glow shot of the city was awesome. City lights at night are so cool.

  11. That night shot is wonderful - I'd love to learn how to do it. Just how did that shadow grow mickey ears?