Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mommy on Wheels

In five and a half weeks I will be doing my first 100 mile bike ride of the year. So I need to get out on my bike and really start training, or I am going to be in a world of hurt that day! I have been doing my best to get out and ride, in spite of the weather which has been cold, windy and wet.

Yesterday I managed to go out for a 20-mile ride, and it was awesome! Of course, I had to dress for the weather. It may have looked nice outside, but it was only in the high 40s and a little windy. This is what I wore to go out cycling.

I had to post this picture to show my friend Andrea (who is doing the ride with me) what I have had to wear to go cycling lately. She was complaining that it has been getting a little too warm in St. George during the day already! I would LOVE some warmer weather, so send it on up!

Of course, I can't complain about the views.

While I was riding I had to stop and take a few pictures with my phone. I love being able to ride my bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery, plus it is great exercise. I was happy to discover I enjoy cycling, because I don't really enjoy most other forms of exercise.

Fortunately the weather is supposed to warm up at the end of the week, and I can't wait! I would love to go riding without my long sleeves and tights!

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  1. Oh what beautiful views! Good luck with your 100 mile bike ride. I rode my bike in the front of my house waiting for the school bus. Totally not the same thing.

  2. I don't have any long legged tights, but I've had to wear leg and arm warmers the few times I've gotten out this spring. It's either really cold or cool with 25 MPH winds. I can't wait for the warmup! My longest so far this year has been 22 miles. I just started riding last year and my longest ride was 75 miles. I'd really like to work up to a 100 mile ride. I'm registered for a 3 day ride at the beginning of August that has a 100 mile option on the second day. We'll see if I can do it.

  3. 100 miles - that is no small task. Good luck! (I tend to run on HOT so the cooler weather would make me a happy biker).

  4. Beautiful scenery, indeed! Definitely puts my "mountains" to shame!! Good for you, finding a form of exercise that really works for you. I need to do that someday, too! I love walking, but I think I've done that for so many years already that as far as weight loss (or even maintenance) goes, it just isn't doing anything for me anymore. Maybe I need to get my back tire fixed and hop back on the saddle, too... Good luck on your training and upcoming ride!!

  5. You are so lucky you love cycling! I love it...only if it is flat, lol! It doesn't look like that is the case in your situation with all those gorgeous mountains in the distance! Good luck with your ride!