Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leaf Jumpers

Nothing says Fall quite like jumping into an enormous pile of leaves!

Our leaves are just barely starting to fall off the trees here, so we would end up with a pretty skimpy pile. Good thing we got to visit my parents in Wyoming over the weekend. They had TONS of leaves.

My boys LOVED raking the leaves into a huge pile and then seeing just how high they could leap into the leaves.

Miss Aubrey wasn't so sure that jumping in the leaves was a good idea. She would scream, "Oh!" in alarm as the boys jumped into the crunchy leaves. Finally she decided that they were having so much fun that it couldn't be that bad. She didn't jump into the pile, but she did sit in it!

My boys sure didn't sit in the pile for very long! I can't even remember how many times we raked the pile up big again so they could jump in.

I had so much fun taking pictures and helping the boys rake the leaves back into the pile. It made me happy to watch them enjoy themselves so much.

I love Fall! Sometimes I wish it could stay a little longer, but I guess then it would lose some of its magic. We are lucky because there are parts of Fall we will get to experience twice. You can bet that when our leaves fall off the trees we will be raking, and leaping and laughing all over again!

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  1. Nothing more fun than jumping in a pile of leaves! We are going in search of leaves today. Wish us luck. So many neighbors have yard service and it's hard to find any leaves on the ground!

  2. So much fun!! Great pics of the action!