Thursday, October 4, 2012

Honey House Haircuts

 Eli: "Mommy, you should take pictures of me getting my hair cut!"

Me: "You're right. I haven't taken any pictures of you getting your hair cut in a long time. I'll go get my camera."

It happens every month. I cut my Honey's hair and he in turn gives the boys a cut. Eli is my sweaty head and when his hair gets long it sticks out every which way. We tried growing it out to see if it would lay down... nope! So we just keep his hair really short.

It keeps him cool and I never have to worry about combing it. Everyone wins!
(Plus we cut hair outside so I don't have to worry about sweeping it up off the floor.)

When we got married my husband informed me that I would be cutting his hair. That was so nerve-wracking for me at first! I think the very first time I cut his hair I used scissors and it took me an hour and a half. But my husband didn't give up. Now I actually like cutting his hair because I can cut it the way I like it (I use the razor and it only takes 1/2 hour).

My boys don't really enjoy getting haircuts, but they are definitely learning to tolerate it a little better. We have almost completely outgrown the tears now, thank heavens! Haircuts are part of our little routine. One of those ordinary little things about our life that I love.

“Things don’t have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. Even the ordinary can be beautiful.”
― Wicker Park

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  1. Haha! I could have written this post! My husband makes me cut his hair, too. I kind of hate it. ;) Then he cutes our boys' hair, and my 7 year old has spiky sweaty hair that will not lay down EVER. We've tried to keep it short, but we end up cutting it very short to keep it easy.