Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

For show-and-tell today Jonah was supposed to bring a Dr. Seuss book to school. So first thing this morning we had our collection of Dr. Seuss books out and the boys were enjoying reading them.

What a fun way to start your day! After reviewing all of his options, Jonah decided to take "I Can Read with my Eyes Shut". I love that he picked a book that is slightly less well known. I have a feeling a lot of copies of "One Fish, Two Fish", "Green Eggs and Ham", and "Horton Hears a Who" will be going to school today.

There must be a lot of kids with the same school assignment because last night while I was working at the library we were having a run on Seuss books. By the time the library closed there was not even one Dr. Seuss book on the shelf! (and we have a LARGE Seuss collection). I was a little surprised by this because don't most people have at least one Dr. Seuss book at home?

This morning we also got a fun Seussical surprise. I opened a package of diapers that I get to review (later on) and found this:

Hooray! A Dr. Seuss book that we don't have. Plus I believe the movie is coming out today! How fun. I will definitely have to read this book to the kids later on today.

Miss Aubrey was not as into Seuss as the boys. But she was "helping" me with the laundry.

What a cutie! I know that picture doesn't really have to do with Dr. Seuss, but she is so cute I couldn't help it. So do you have any fun plans for Dr. Seuss Day?

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  1. we water colored 2 Hop on Pop coloring sheets. We had Dr. Seuss hats earlier this week (marshmallows dipped in red on both ends & Oreos dipped in white).

    We have zero Dr. Seuss books. :S Isn't that awful? I've just never bought one.

  2. Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

    What wonderful pictures.

    Herding Cats

  3. I love Dr. Seuss! Gracie made green eggs and ham this morning. :)

    That little Aubrey is so stinkin' CUTE!! My camera and I are dying to have a play date with her!! :)

  4. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Oh my goodness- look how big she is getting. It seems like yesterday when you were posting about how she was just sitting up.

  6. I'm a teacher and we did a whole week of Dr. Seuss books this week. It is one of my favorite weeks! Great pictures of your boys reading and your daughter is ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing!

  7. So fun!! We didn't do anything for Dr Seuss today, but I'm trying to think of something for tomorrow afternoon.

    And I can't get over how incredibly cute she is!! She is too cute!

  8. Wow! I have to admit I am a tad bit jealous of your Seuss collection! And I've never heard of the book your son chose...going to have to look for that one for Brody. :) Great photos! And what a cute little laundry helper you have!

  9. I to am so jealous of your Dr seuss collection, I really want my Josh to get into these as he grows up. It ooks like you boys love it!
    Gorgeous shots hun and I am loooving your blog :)

    Kelly x