Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rip VAN Winkle

Taking Naps (according to Eli):

Three-year-olds are  too big  to take naps! You say I need a nap 'cause I get grouchy and whiny in the afternoon. But that  does not  mean that I need a nap. It means I need to watch a movie or play  on the computer. I know! I need to play on the iPad or the Wii right now.

Actually, I think I just need cookies and ice cream! I am sure that would make things better.

Just because I fall asleep in the van whenever we go somewhere in the afternoon does not  mean that I need a nap.... it just means that riding in the van is boring.

(When this kid falls asleep in the van, he is dead to the world. You can open and close doors, talk to him... whatever. He won't wake up! I have carried him into the house and he will sleep through it all. This wouldn't be a problem, except he wakes up grouchy. Ahh the joys of motherhood.)

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  1. Cookies, ice cream and naps. Three of my favorite things. If only my kids agreed with that last one past the age of 2. :)

  2. My kids too love napping in the car..the only minus thing is that they wake up the minute they hear you reversing the car into the parking lot when we get home.

  3. Z is almost 5 and she still needs her naps. The few occasions when she misses it, she gest really grumpy and cranky.

  4. Bless him. I remember those days well.

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  5. this is too funny. Mine both gave up naps at 2, but there were still times they'd fall asleep and then I'd pay because they didn't want to sleep after

  6. I miss naptime. I cant even get her to fall asleep watching television anymore!!!!

  7. Kids can sleep anywhere, can't they? Sweet picture!

  8. Great picture. And, oh my, the dreaded afternoon in the car nap -- too short or too long -- and then they're tired.

    Thanks for linking this week!


  9. it's funny how they think they don't need naps! Love it, my grandson too, falls asleep as soon as we get in the car, lol.

  10. Oh bless your heart! My son is 2.5 and I am hanging on to nap-time with every fiber of my being. I don't want him to grow out of them but the struggle gets harder every day.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Oh Snap!shots of the Week. So glad to have you at the party! Love your photo! Too funny. :)