Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Search of Snow

It almost snowed here this week. It looked like it was going to snow and a few white flakes came down, but then it stopped. My boys were SO disappointed.

Since they wanted to play in the snow so badly, I drove them up the canyon again to find some snow. The mountains behind our house are all white, but none of the snow stuck in the valley. So I was sure we would find snow up the canyon.

I was surprised by just how far up the canyon we had to go, but we did find snow at Vivien Park.

We also found a phone booth that was nearly buried in the snow, thanks to the plow clearing out the parking lot. My boys thought it was great fun to climb up the mountain of snow and play by the phone booth. Of course they had to make a couple of phone calls.

This time Miss Aubrey was awake when we got to the park, so I bundled her up in her cute little snowsuit.

She actually wasn't too happy about me sitting her in the snow and walking away. I had a hard time getting a smile from her. I like the picture above because you can see all the teeth she has grown in the past few weeks.

I may not have gotten a smile, but I did get a wave. Or maybe this is just a request for me to come and pick her up!

The boys had fun playing on the park equipment as well. Apparently it was much more fun to play in the park because there was snow at the end of the slide and the slide was wet and slippery.

The boys' snowpants were soaked when it was time to go. Good thing I thought to pack a garbage bag to put their suits, boots and coats in!

The scenery in the canyon was lovely. I enjoyed the way the snow highlighted the layers of rock.

There was only one thing that I regret about this little outing. The next day I could not find my headset for my phone! The last time I am sure I had it was driving up the canyon and I haven't seen it since. I use my headset constantly, and it is really nice to be able to talk on the phone and have my hands free to do other things. I have nightmares about my beautiful Jawbone headset falling out of my pocket into the snow, never to be seen again. *sigh*

Hopefully it is just misplaced in my home somewhere, but in the meantime it sure has inspired me to start my spring cleaning a little early!

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. Great pictures!

    Herding Cats

  2. looks like lots of fun. I remember how fun it was to use the playground equipment in the snow always fun. sorry about your headset!

  3. omigoodness those kids are adorable!!! and that last shot is just stunning--great landscape!

  4. The waving photo is adorable! And even I want to play in the phone booth. What a nice outing!

    I wish we could find some snow here in Minnesota. *grumbles* What a weird winter.

  5. BEAUTIFUL scenery! thanks for sharing it! Your kids are so cute :0) Kudos to you for going on an adventure to find them snow! (visiting from Finding Joy)

  6. Gorgeous snow. I am totally laughing because I have a very similar photo of my daughter at the same age in her pink snow suit & she looks a bit unsure about the cold white stuff. Loving that your kids got to go out & enjoy it a bit.

  7. So jealous. I keep seeing all these snow photos and I am in Texas. 70 out today ;)

  8. I'm sure your boys had a great time playing in the snow and Audrey is such as sweaty pie. I'm glad you can at least find some snow to play in even though you don't have snow at home

  9. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes