Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crazy Daze

Oh my word the past few days have been crazy!

First of all, they are having Health and Safety week at my son's school. For some reason this means that there are different days for the kids to dress up or wear something special. So Wednesday was "crazy hair or crazy sock day". I don't know if you noticed, but my boys have pretty short hair. I asked Jonah if he wanted to spray his hair some fun color and his response was, "No way!".

No problem, right? He can just wear crazy socks. Um... did I mention that my boys only own socks that are white and grey? They also have black socks for church... boring! So on Tuesday night we were running around the stores trying to find crazy socks.

If you are ever looking for fun socks, may I recommend your local dollar store? Ours had TONS of colorful socks. Here are the ones that we settled on.

So Jonah got to wear his crazy socks (with sandals so the kids could SEE them) and now he is in love with them. Sheesh!

Then today was absolutely insane. When we woke up the power was off. It had gone off in the middle of the night, and when we called they said it would not be on until after 1 pm. Ugh!

There was a big wind storm last night and apparently there was a problem with a power pole. It was 63 degrees in our house when we got up, and I was supposed to have preschool at our house. Since we don't want the kids to freeze, I had to call around and arrange for a new location. Then I had to haul all my stuff over.

We had to take a little detour because one of the nearby streets was blocked.

Guess we found where the power pole problem was!

Preschool actually went well. After picking up my Kindergartener we ended up having lunch at another friend's house because our power was still out. Thank heaven for good friends! Our power did finally come back on today and things have slowly returned to normal.

But I did find one more crazy thing outside my house today.

Can you believe that my flowers are starting to come up? Crocuses and daffodils,  in February?! Now that really is a little bit crazy.

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  1. You've certainly had a full day today - glad to hear the power has returned. Really love that first shot.

  2. that does sound like a crazy busy day. oh and I would be in the same boat over crazy hair and/or sock day. hope today is a bit more relaxing for you (o:

  3. Flowers are coming up here, insane! So not ready for that yet! Those socks are so cute! I love cute socks on little kids!

  4. Loving those crazy socks! Hopefully tomorrow will be less crazy for you all.

    Herding Cats

  5. My tulips were coerced outside by yesterday's 60 degree sunshine. Then it snowed over night. I'm thinking it's going to be a not so colorful spring :/

  6. already?! The last couple of days definitely do sound like you've been a bit on the busy side!

  7. Ha ha, I just went out and shot the start of flowers coming up here too!

  8. my son doesn't like white socks either - I always find him colored socks at H&M

  9. What cool friend of yours could've told you about dollar store socks? ;)

  10. Beautiful photos, especially I like the first one.

    Regards and best wishes