Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tea Clothing

Have you ever heard of Tea? I don't mean the drink of course, I mean the clothing company!

I hadn't heard of Tea until I was contacted by the company and asked if I would like to try out some of their clothing for my three kids. When I checked out their website I was impressed to learn that they are the only children and women's apparel company that travels to different destinations around the world for the inspiration behind their collections. I would definitely call their clothing extraordinary. Not only are their clothes uniquely styled, they are also gorgeous! Since I don't have an online degree in fashion design, companies like Tea are very helpful in keeping my kids looking stylish.

I had the opportunity to sample some modern children's clothing from Modern Mexico inspired Holiday collection. When I browsed the collection I was impressed with the choices boy's clothing. I have a hard time finding clothes for my boys that I actually like! So many clothes for little boys have sporting items on them, and we are not really a sports family.

My husband's family is from Tucson, and I loved the southwestern feel of the clothes in the Modern Mexico collection. I let my boys choose their own shirts, and I loved the ones they picked.

I took some really fun pictures of my boys in their shirts when we were in Tucson and I think these clothes are definitely suited to the desert environment, but they fit in equally well in our home state of Utah.

Actually, Jonah loves to wear his sand lizard shirt to school. Besides being stylish (don't you love the color?!), it is soft and comfortable. He has gotten quite a few compliments on this shirt!

Have I mentioned that Eli is in love with his jaguar mask shirt?

As soon as I wash it he wants to wear it again immediately. I can't blame him because I love the great print on the front. It is definitely eye-catching and suits him.

So needless to say, the boys love their shirts, as do I!

When I tried to get the boys to "model" for me I could not get a serious shot from them, but that's fine by me! I think these show their personalities more anyway.

I was so happy that I was also able to sample some cute girl's clothes for my little Miss Aubrey. Tea has the cutest little leggings and dresses! I had a hard time choosing which little dress I wanted for her.

In the end I think I chose well! I love her little outfit. I think the print on her dress is so cute and I would love something like it for myself (wouldn't you?!)! I think she is adorable.

 I love that the dress and leggins would be perfect for a special occasion, but they are soft and comfortable enough for every day wear. I will be really sad when she grows out of this little dress because I love it so much!

So next time you are looking for some stylish, unique clothing for your children be sure to check out Tea. I am absolutely drooling over some of the cute dresses they have in their new Bali collection. The colors and prints are beautiful.  Check them out!

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  1. ooooh my son would love those T-Shirts!! very striking and how lucky are you to test out fancy new clothing -- super. I love it when companies spend time, effort, money researching decent products rather than mass produced, cheap and made in china. ;-/
    jennie. xx

  2. my boys would love those shirts. I'll have to check this site out

  3. I just bought some Tea items for my kids at a local boutique. The clothes are so soft and yes, I love the colors and patterns. Your kids look adorable. And look how big your little miss is getting! ;)

  4. wonderful photos of the kids!

    Happy WW!


    hope to see you too, thanks!

  5. Oh my goodness. The clothes are awesome. I see you got your new watermark. :)

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