Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Day and Wilbur the Snowman

Last night an amazing thing happened... it actually started to snow! The boys were so excited, especially after all the rain that we have had this week.

When we woke up, everything was wonderfully wintery white.

The boys desperately wanted to play in the snow, but I knew that by the time Jonah got out of Kindergarten the snow at our house would already be starting to melt. So after lunch we took a little drive and went up the canyon to a park just past the mouth of the canyon.

There was a lot more snow there than there was at home, and the boys were excited to get out and play!

There was only one little problem. I got the boys dressed in their boots and snowpants before we left the house, and told them to grab their coats as we headed out the door. As you can see from the picture above, somebody did not listen to mommy and forgot their coat!

It would not have been a problem, except it is a bit colder up the canyon and Eli was wearing short sleeves. Since his little sister was sleeping in her carseat, I figured Eli could borrow her little snowsuit to keep his arms warm.

After I put the little snowsuit on him he was warmer, but I almost could not stop laughing! He looked like he had a little bear hanging out on his back or something! It was hilarious, but he didn't mind at all because his favorite colors right now are pink and purple.

Canyon View park was great. We had the place to ourselves and there was plenty of snow. The boys had fun throwing the snow off the bridge into the water, and I enjoyed the scenery.

Of course we could not let our snow day pass without building a snowman.

I helped the boys roll the snowballs, and they packed them down. And of course every time Eli turned around and I saw the little feet dangling out the back, I had to stifle more giggles! Hehe.

We had a great time building our snowman in the park! The boys were happy to know that he would last longer because it was warmer, and at night when no one was looking he could go play on the playground equipment!

We named him Wilbur (as in will-brrrr!) and waved goodbye to him as we drove away.

When we got home our grass was already almost bare, so it was a good thing we drove up the canyon to play in the snow! I hope it snows again so we can play in the snow, even if we have to take a little trip to play in it!

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  1. How fun! What a wonderful way to spend the morning before school! Your photos are gorgeous, too. The one of your son wearing the pink bear to keep warm was too precious. That's a great blackmail photo for when he gets older. ;-)

  2. what a good mommy you were to do that. I love the nature photos so still and pristine in their winter coats. I love, love, love the picture of Eli at the gate wearing his sister's snow suit. it is too funny

  3. My kids LOVE playing in the snow too. :)

  4. Snow makes everything magical, doesn't it? And that was genius - and hilarious - with the improvised coat-wear. ;)

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  5. I miss the snow SO much! Moving from Vermont to Georgia has been quite the adjustment, although we did get snow last year :) These are great pictures, it looks like yall had lots of fun!

  6. So pretty! ANd he is too cute with his little psuedo-snow suit!

  7. Cute shots of the kids and snow. Love the teddy bear snow suit.

  8. That pink snowsuit is hilarious! Love it! hahahaha :) great pics too!

  9. Such great shots. Did you convo the girl on etsy about your watermark?

  10. ohhh seriously kiddies do not feel the cold when there are snowmen to be made! lovely shots of the children... send the snow my way pleeeaaase my son can't wait !
    Jennie. x