Thursday, January 19, 2012

Home Sick with No Snow

What a week! Some of my little people have been sick, so that has put me behind on a lot of things. The first one to get sick was little Eli. He got a fever and a nasty cough, poor kid. There was one day that he spent nearly the entire time on the couch asleep. It is times like these that make me feel like I need the advice of people who have gone to the best nursing schools.

He definitely had a fever, and you can see how much he sweat on the couch pillow. (Eww! Definitely had to wash that one!)

How can you not feel bad when your little boy looks at you like this?

Can't you just see the "I feel yucky, why can't you make me feel better?" in his eyes? It breaks my heart.

Speaking of heart-breaking, my baby girl was the next one to get sick. Audrey did not get the fever, but has a yucky cough. Top that off with the 3 teeth that she is currently cutting, and she is one miserable girl. Needless to say she has not been sleeping well, and I have rocked her to sleep many-a-night, many times a night. I never dared take a picture of her while she was sleeping because I did not want to wake her up!

Our sun catchers made of ice have both melted, which made the boys a little sad.

They are even more sad that it did not snow yesterday or today... it rained. Can I just say that January in Utah is turning out to be a bit strange! There is no snow on the ground and I can't remember it ever being this warm. I actually don't mind the lack of snow, but I hope for my boys' sake that it snows soon!

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  1. Awww poorly little face of your son looking for cuddles. well I hope you and your family get fit and healthy again soon -- kids are usually pretty good at feeling well quick, they don't feel sorry for themselves like men, sorry i meant adults. ;-D
    jennie. x

  2. Poor kiddos! It is so sad to see them so uncomfortable! We finally are getting snow here in Boston! About time, that is for sure! Hope your kids get their much anticipated snow soon!!

  3. Don't you hate the fevers? It never gets easier, no matter how old they are. Worry is part of the job

  4. that picture tugged on my heart strings. hope everyone feels better soon so you can get some sleep too

  5. Ice sun catchers? Brilliant! Sorry about those sick kids. We're in the same boat!

  6. Aww, we've just finished two weeks of being sick.. definitely not fun, also not for mommy. Hope your little ones feel better soon!

  7. sick is never fun :( hope everyone gets to feeling better very soon. The sun catcher looks super cool!