Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Craftiness: the Knitters Ornament

I love it when you find the perfect gift for someone you love!

You may not know that I crochet. I don't have an online education in art, but I enjoy being creative and I like to think I am pretty good at it. I have long professed that I am a crocheter, but I don't knit (even though I do know how). At least that is what I kept telling my mom when she would show me any cute knitting patterns. Then this Christmas my mom and older sister showed me the cutest Christmas gifts that they were knitting. I knew they would make great gifts for my friends... and I got sucked in!

Since they got me started knitting, I knew exactly what type of ornament I needed to make for them!

I saw a picture of something similar online, but without instructions. So I will tell you what I discovered through trial and error:

I went to the craft store, looking for round ornaments. Initially I bought a plastic ball to wrap with yarn, but they were too big (3 inches) and the knitting needles looked ridiculously small. I could not find any smaller plastic balls and I didn't want to do a glass ball because I didn't want it to break. So I ended up with a cream-colored ceramic ornament that was a little over 2 inches around. I tied the Christmas variegated yarn around the top of the ornament and started wrapping! I didn't use any glue at all (but that doesn't mean you can't!). When I thought the ball was big enough, I used a crochet hook to weave the end of the yarn in really well.

To make the knitting needles I used two bamboo skewers, like you would use for shish kebabs. I cut them the length I wanted and inserted two wooden beads on the flat end. Then I inserted the "knitting needles" into the yarn ball. Add a ribbon bow and you are done!

I think they are adorable and my mom and my sister loved them! I may just have to make one for myself now... either that, or figure out how to make a miniature crochet hook to put in my yarn ball because I don't knit, right?

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