Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trim the Tree

For family night yesterday, we finally put ornaments on the tree! The boys were SO excited, especially after I made them wait four whole days. Oh the cruelty!

I am actually impressed that I have my Christmas tree up and decorated before December! Go Mommy. The boys were so excited that they carried up nearly all the ornament boxes for me. Hooray!

The boys loved decorating the tree. I just kept handing them ornaments and letting them put them wherever they wanted.

Of course the boys can't reach too high, but they used all their resources to get the ornaments up as high as they could.

It was so fun to watch my big boys decorating the tree...

Even if their ornament placement was a little bit off.

Yep! There are 7 ornaments in this picture!

So I did move the ornaments around a bit and I have a few more to put on, but I think the tree is going to be beautiful!

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  1. Aww what a beautiful tree! The boys are excited about putting up ours too!

  2. Love your tree. Sweet photos.

  3. it's a beautiful tree, decorated with love.

  4. Aww lovely xmas pics... getting me in the spirit :)
    Your newest Follower here from the Naptime WW Linky. Hope you get a chance to Follow/FB LIKE back :)

  5. your tree is just beautiful!
    LOVE that you also allow your boys to place them as they please. It's SO muc more fun for the kids that way :)

  6. Pretty tree. I love decorating the tree.

  7. my boys had fun helping this year too. looks like you boys had a blast and did a great job.

  8. My four-year old was SO into decorating the tree this year. And yes, I had to move a few around too. ;)

    You have such cute little helpers!

  9. Gorgeous tree, & our boys are adorable! My three year old will surely love our Christmas tree! It shall be interesting?!