Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snowman Preschool

It had been my turn to teach our cooperative preschool this week, which has kept me pretty busy. As this evening arrived I realized that I had only taken  pictures of preschool so far this week! So that is what you get to see today. Today was especially fun. I was teaching the letter S, so I decided to focus on snowmen!

As you would expect (since I am a librarian), we read lots of fun books about snowmen. I especially loved the three books I read by Caralyn Buehner. I really need to get "Snowmen at Night", "Snowmen all Year", and "Snowmen at Christmas" for my boys. They love them!

But I am getting ahead of myself. First we do "circle time" where we talk about the date, the weather, sing the ABC song and count to 20 . THEN we read the books. After we are done reading, next we cut and pasted pictures into our letter notebooks.

Eli loved helping me pick out the pictures that I printed. He is getting pretty good at cutting the pictures apart.

Next we moved on to the craft. I was a little apprehensive because I chose a messy craft. We used a concoction of part shaving cream and part Elmer's glue to make these puffy snowmen.

I found the idea on Pinterest (original idea here), but instead of using brushes to paint on the foamy stuff, we used balloons. We dipped different size balloons into the foamy paint and plopped them on the paper. That way the snowmen would be made out of circles.  The paint dries kind of puffy, which is cool.

Then we had the treat, which were my favorite part of the day. Check these out!

Aren't these powdered donut snowmen cute? They just have candy corn noses and gel frosting eyes and smiles. They were a big hit with the kids!

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  1. I collect snowmen items in my kitchen and leave them out all year around lol so this post is epic to me!

  2. Nice post. thanks for sharing. loved the pic of your son. reminded me of my son when he was little - his teacher in primary school said to me - all you need to buy is lots of cellotape and a pair of scissors for Christmas. have a great day.

  3. Years ago, when my girls were little, we were part of cooperative Preschool. I miss those days!

    We make those puffy snowman every year! Last year, we made doughnut stacked snowman too. So much fun!

    Pinterest is way too addicting and yet, so helpful too! LOL Are we following each other on there? I can't remember! I need to add a pinterest button on my blog.

  4. so cute and I bet they had a ton of fun. I pinned that craft on pinterest too.

  5. Oh those donuts ate so cute! And so easy!

  6. Your snowman projects are so cute! I like the idea of a cooperative preschool.

  7. Love the projects! I am for sure going to have to make those with my kids -- they are so cute and puffy! Tell me, did they dry well?

    Great post full of fabulous ideas. Thanks for linking with Friday Favorite Things.