Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leaping in Leaves

Today I found myself a day late with my usual Wednesday post, but on the bright side at least it is still Wednesday! So I guess I will multitask and call this my Wordful Wednesday/You Capture post. Go me!


Our yard is usually bare of leaves because my husband is really good about keeping up with yard work. However our neighbor has been a bit under the weather, so we decided to help her out and rake up her leaves. Of course the boys were all too happy to help, as long as they got to play in the leaves afterwards!

Jonah and Eli took turns running toward the HUGE pile of leaves and then taking a big leap!

They always have so much energy that I did not mind raking up the pile of leaves over and over so they could keep running and jumping and hopefully burn off some of excess energy.

I got some pretty good practice with my action photography as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

Look at how much air Jonah got on his leap! Wow!

I told Eli to jump into the leaves face first, and he was more than happy to oblige.

Jonah just couldn't get enough of jumping in the leaves! Eventually I gave up helping him re-fluff the pile because I got tired, so he just piled it back up himself and kept jumping!

Jumping in the leaves is so much fun! My boys kept at it for at least an hour this afternoon, and that doesn't include the time they spent jumping last night. Jonah actually cried when he saw the leaves being put into the garbage can.

Do you have any leaves left where you live?

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  1. such great action shots.. (i still like to jump in leaves :P )

  2. looks like so much fun. that is one of the things my boys will miss out on growing up in FL

  3. Look at all of those leaves! Your pictures are fabulous! So much action and totally crisp and clear!

  4. Love that last one. Little ones have SO. Much. Energy. don't they?

  5. That IS some major air! HA!

    Love that last shot with his hood. Definitely lots of fun!!

  6. How fun. I want to do this. Need to soon. :)

  7. Your leaf pictures are awesome. I'm glad you got some practice on your action shots but really you don't need any. They are great!!!